Longtime Traun city councilor died

Longtime Traun city councilor died
Great dismay at the death of Franz Amann
Image: FPÖ Traun

“Franz Amann did a valuable job in Traun’s local politics. With him, the FPÖ Traun loses a person whose work has shaped his home community and who was valued far beyond party boundaries. He was a valuable member of the city party and we will always honor his memory,” said Vice Mayor and FP chairman Herwig Mahr in a broadcast, concerned about the death of his party colleague.

“With Franz Amann we are losing a companion who is leaving a big gap in the free family. We express our heartfelt condolences to his wife, children and grandchildren,” Christian Partoll, FP District Party Chairman Linz-Land and Mayor of Ansfelden, is quoted there.

Amann, who died on August 30, has held various positions in local politics in Traun since 1991. After the last election in 2021, he was again active as a city councilor for sports affairs. Spatial planning and sports matters were the two major areas in which the FP politician contributed his knowledge and ideas with great commitment.

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