a Mediterranean hurricane caused deaths and severe flooding

a Mediterranean hurricane caused deaths and severe flooding

After the passage of strong storm that affected Madridin Spain, Greece – precisely the capital, Athens – is in the middle of a Meteorological phenomenon known as “Medicane”: a strong mediterranean hurricane which generated torrential rains, severe flooding and several injuries.

It is estimated that the rainfall achieved in this episode could exceed the 1,000 liters, which would represent a historic sum for the area. Due to the strong storm -nicknamed “Daniel”- the Greek authorities prohibited the movement of vehicles In the town of Volosin the center of the country, and the mountainous region of Pilion.

The prohibition – which entered into force for the circulation of the entire population, except for emergency and assistance vehicles– will remain in effect until the storm subsides, which they hope will happen for the weekend.


Volos is one of the Greek cities most affected by the floods.


After the north of the country was affected by a series of forest fires, the recent storm worries people who are affected by the floods. In Volosfirefighters reported the death of a man when the wall he was trying to climb to get to his animals fell down. Also, another man is missing in the same town after he his car was swept away by the storm.

Due to the dangers posed by the situation, the authorities sent cell phone alerts of residents in other areas of the center of the country, asking that limit activity outdoors due to the storm, and to avoid leaving their homes if they can.

According to the forecast of the Greek Meteorological Agencythe Pilion region could receive between 65 and 70 centimeters of rain between this Tuesday and Wednesday, while in the town of karditsaalso in the center of the country, are expected between 55 and 60 centimeters. It is a number to take into account when considering that the average annual rainfall in the Athens region is about 40 cm.

What is medicaneor the Mediterranean hurricane

These types of storms – which arrive shortly after the DANA phenomenon affects various areas of Europe-, are a meteorological phenomenon that develops in the Mediterranean Seaand that it is not yet clear whether they are tropical cyclones, subtropical cyclones or polar lows.

The medications are distinguished by their visual resemblance to cyclones tropical in satellite images, in addition to sharing similarities in their characteristics: a warm core, an asymmetric structure and strong whirling winds with bands of spiral clouds, which can reach the hurricane force in category 1.

Among other things, so that form a medicane They are necessary abnormal weather circumstancesadded to one mountainous geography favorable for the development of severe weather conditions and convective activity in general.

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