How to register for the second stage of the Jornales Solidarios program?

How to register for the second stage of the Jornales Solidarios program?
September 8, 2023 – 10:49

Uruguayans between 18 and 65 years old who do not receive any salary benefits or subsidies or pensions may register.

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The second stage of the program Job Opportunityalso known as Solidarity Dayslaunched its registration period this Friday, which will last until Tuesday the 12th, and which contemplates that beneficiaries carry out temporary work in all departments of the Uruguay.

Those interested will be able to register in the program, they must be Uruguayan citizens between 18 and 65 years of age who are unemployed, and they must not be beneficiaries of an unemployment or illness subsidy, nor receive a retirement, pension or any remuneration from the State.

It should be noted that people who receive benefits from the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), like the Uruguay Social card, they will be able to participate.

Those who had already registered in the original Phase of the Program may also participate, whether or not they were beneficiaries. To apply in this second stage you must register again.

The job quotas will be drawn between September 21 and 25 and the remuneration for the wages will reach 13,000 pesos. In this second stage, the day laborers will work from October to January 2024. The selected people will be contacted by the corresponding departmental government.

What social benefits are accessed from the Solidarity Jornals?

The Executive reported that during the period in which the beneficiaries participate in the program, the Social Security Bank (BPS) The activity will be counted for retirement and pension purposes, under the affiliation “Industry and Commerce”. This will only enable the receipt of benefits for maternity, common illnesses and work accidents.

They will also have the right to free medical assistance through the services of the Administration of the State Health Services (ASSE) throughout Uruguay.

The program represents an investment in the order of 14 million dollars, and is financed 70% by the national government, and the remaining 30% by the municipalities. In 2024, the Solidarity Days are scheduled to extend from May to December.

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