The Broad Front would win the elections if they were held today

The Broad Front would win the elections if they were held today

He Broad Front (FA) continues to lead the polls voting intention in Uruguay, which indicate that if the elections were held today, they would return to head the national government after five years of administration of the Multicolor Coalition: According to the latest survey by the consulting firm Equipos, the current opposition brings together a 43% of the eventual votes.

The new survey Consulting Teams recorded that 43% of the people consulted answered, before the question “which party would I vote for if the elections were held today”, to the Frente Amplio. Meanwhile, the Multicolor Coalition cannot overcome the difference, and was indicated as a preference by the 37% of respondents.

If broken down by party, the panorama is more complex for the ruling party in a context of constant tensions within the government coalition and uncertainty about whether, in fact, the October 2024 elections will have the Multicolor Coalition list. This is so because the National Party (PN) It represented 26% of the responses of the Uruguayans consulted; he Colorado Party, 7%; Town meeting, a meager 3%; and the Independent Party, just 1%.

Outside of this polarized scenario, the Intransigent Radical Ecologist Party and the Popular Unity. While 3% of those surveyed would vote blank or annulled, and 15% remain undefined.

The results of this new edition of the Teams survey are very similar to those that occurred during the previous survey, carried out in June. In this sense, the Frente Amplio maintained exactly the same record of voting intention, while the National Party decreased two points, Cabildo Abierto increased one point and the undecided grew slightly. Furthermore, all of these changes “are within the margin of error of the measurement,” the report indicates.

At this point in the period but five years ago, in the run-up to the 2019 elections, The FA had 31% voting intention, equal to the PN, and was 12 points below the Multicolor Coalition as a whole, while today it is six points above. Therefore, the opposition finds itself in a significantly more difficult situation. favorable than the one it had in the last electoral cycle.

Lacalle Pou’s approval remains high

President Luis Lacalle Pou has the approval of 47% of Uruguayans and surpasses its predecessors Wide Front in the last two terms, according to the latest survey by the consulting firm Figure.

In the run-up to an electoral year and after having overcome phenomena such as pandemic and a strong drought, The president’s management was well regarded by almost half of Uruguayans, with 38% disapproving of the administration and 15% reserving their opinion.

If the level of approval is analyzed with that of his predecessors, it can be seen that the positive assessment towards Lacalle Pou It is higher than that of the last two governments. Although it is slightly above the 45% it held Jose Mujica in 2013, it is much higher than the meager 30% that it harvested Tabare Vazquez in his second term, but lower than the first period, where it reached 52%.

However, disapproval of the administration of the nationalist leader reaches 38% and is somewhat higher than the 35% that was displayed. Mujica, although less than 50% of the second period of Vazquez, which in its first period had a negative view of 26%.

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