Almost 60,000 people left Uruguay for the spring holidays

Almost 60,000 people left Uruguay for the spring holidays
September 17, 2023 – 20:52

The General Artigas de Paysandú international bridge registered the greatest movement, according to data from the National Immigration Directorate.

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This weekend, almost 60,000 people left Uruguaymostly towards Argentinaon the occasion of the spring break.

Between Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16, some 59,803 people left the country, according to data from the National Immigration Directorate (DNM) and of the National Migration Directorate of Argentina.

The General Artigas International Bridge Paysandu registered the largest movement of the weekend, totaling 14,934 people and representing 24.97% of expenses.

The Paysandú bridge was followed by the port of Colognewith a total of 12,369 people who crossed by boat, representing 20.68% of the expenses, and the International Bridge of Big Jumpthrough which some 10,599 travelers crossed towards Argentinathat is, 17.72% of expenses.

Most of these people left for the Argentina motivated by the exchange difference and the price gap between one nation and another, caused by the stagnation of the exchange rate price in Uruguay and the shot he had Dolar blue (or parallel dollar) on the other side of the pond after the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASSED).

Almost 5,000 people left Uruguay bound for Brazil over the weekend

In turn, 7,667 people crossed the Libertador General San Martín Bridge (Fray Bentos); 5,758 people flew out of the Carrasco International Airport (cannelloni); 3,321 people did so through Chuy (Rocha) bound for Brazil; and 2,727 left by ship from the port of Montevideo bound for the Argentina.

To a lesser extent, some 827 people left through Rio Branco (Long Hill), and about 792 through Rivera, all of them destined for Brazil. In turn, some 809 people left the country through other points of the national territory.

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