Lacalle Pou traveled to New York this Sunday to attend a meeting of world leaders

Lacalle Pou traveled to New York this Sunday to attend a meeting of world leaders

The president of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Poutraveled this Sunday to the American city of New York to participate in the United Nations General Assemblythe main organ of the United Nations Organization (UN) that brings together world leaders.

The meeting of the general Assembly It will last between September 19 and 23 and has as its motto: “Rebuild trust and reactivate global solidarity.” The main objective of the assembly is the sharing of the diary this year and share your goals sustainable development.

The last visit of Lacalle Pou to the USA It was in June of this year, where he met at the White House with the president of that country, Joe Biden. During the meeting, several topics of global interest and the intentions of both countries of a nature were discussed. commercial. On the other hand, the possibility was left open that the American president visit Uruguay.

The president’s three international trips during the month of September had already been agreed upon several weeks ago, since they were approved by the Parliamentwhich is a mandatory condition for the president’s departure outside the country if they have to do with diplomatic affairs.

Lacalle Pou’s travels in September

In mid-September, the president met with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in the second bilateral meeting in two months, after what occurred within the framework of the summit Celac-European Union. The president visited the European country with an agenda full of activities that closed with the meeting with his pair in Paris and subsequent activity in Lille, border region with Belgium, where they watched the rugby match together The Teros —the Uruguayan team— and the French team, which finished 27-12 in favor of the Europeans.

The meeting between leaders took place in the Elysee Palace. From Chancellery They announced that there were going to be no official statements or images of the meeting and it emerged that the agreement Mercosur-EU It could be one of the topics of conversation, as well as Uruguayan meat exports to the European country.


Prior to the trip to the old continent, the president visited Chile, accompanied by the Minister of External relationships (MRREE), Francisco Bustillo, to participate in the commemorative events for the 50 years since the coup d’état. Lacalle Pou He was part of other leaders and former leaders of both countries in the main event held at the Palacio de la Moneda, which was headed by his counterpart, the Chilean president. Gabriel Boric.

During the memorial events, authorities from all Chilean ministries read aloud the names of the officials who disappeared or were executed during the last military dictatorship in that country, which was headed by the former dictator, Augusto Pinochet. After this, the Chilean government signed a commitment agreement for democracy.

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