There was a general fall in global bonds in dollars

There was a general fall in global bonds in dollars
September 18, 2023 – 1:29 p.m.

The country risk fell 5 points compared to last week while the spread registered a drop of 14 points.

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He country risk fell 5 points during the past week, while the global bonds in dollars they all fell and the bonds Indexed Units (UI) and pesos all registered an increase, showed the AFAP Weekly Monitor of the Republic.

Uruguayan bonds In dollars they were all down. The 2024 and 2031 bonuses are the only ones that remained the same. While that of 2025 registered a decrease of 0.12%. From there, the losses begin to be more considerable with 2033 with a decrease of 0.21% – with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 5.2% – the 2036 bond with 0.19% and 2045 with a decrease of 0.23%. 2050 was the year with the greatest decrease with a decrease of 0.85%.

The bonds in Indexed Units (UI) they were all increasing in the week that was from Monday, September 11 to 15. The bond that matures in 2027 had an increase of 0.10%, while 2028 had an increase of 0.33%. Meanwhile, 2030 and 2037 had increases of 0.19% and 0.24%, respectively. For its part, the one that expires in 2040 was the one with the greatest increase, it had an increase of 0.52% with an IRR of 3.4%.


For their part, the peso bonds They also registered an increase in almost all their variations since the price of the 2028 global bond – IRR of 9.5% – and the 2031 bond – IRR of 9.4% – remained the same. For its part, the bond that matures in 2033, with an IRR of 9.3%, obtained an increase of 0.15%.

For his part, the sovereign spread that measures its own risk country with his Uruguay Bond Index (UBI) It fell 5 bps, achieving a drop of 71 bps.

Meanwhile, the country risk that calculates AFAP Republic for these titles (IBI), which measures the average spread between the yield of bonds issued in UI by the Uruguayan State and the yield of TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) of the United States government, fell 14 bps to 64 bps.

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