Cosse responded to criticism for his absence in the Congress of Mayors

Cosse responded to criticism for his absence in the Congress of Mayors

The mayor of Montevideo and pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him Frente Amplio, Carolina Cosse, responded to the criticism that other communal leaders of the ruling party at the national level made against him after his non-attendance at the Congress of Mayors.

For the mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, The non-attendance of the Broad Front mayors at the Congress of Mayors was a “lack of respect.” “They are candidates and they care little,” said the nationalist on Thursday at a press conference, referring to both Cosse and the leaders of Cannelloni, Yamandú Orsi, and of Jump, Andrés Lima. The three politicians are those who are emerging as pre-candidates for the left coalition, along with the senator Mario Bergara.

However, the mayor of the capital responded to these criticisms and pointed out that her absence was not due to a particular decision, but rather to a “distribution of work” in Montevideo. In this sense, cosse He maintained that his departmental government, “per week, announces three new things that are work, works”; and he recalled the inaugurations that took place in recent days, as well as the works carried out during his administration. “The facts speak for me”he expressed.

Asked about other sayings of Antía, cosse He insisted: “I don’t use grievances to communicate in politics, I use facts.”

The mayor of Maldonado had also said that the absence of the three leaders of the Wide Front It was a fact that “surprised the entire Congress.” The discomfort in the other communal leaders—the majority, of the National Party- led to a “unanimous” vote to suspend the next meeting that would take place in Salto.

“They were wrong,” Antía insisted in reference to cosse, Orsi and Lima. “They lacked humility to raise things head-on,” he noted.

53% of Uruguayans believe that the next president will be from the Frente Amplio

He Wide Front appears as the wide favorite for the elections next year, since 53% of Uruguayans, Beyond his political preferences, he believes he will be the next government, according to the latest survey carried out by the consulting firm Factum.

Quite far from the FA appears the National Party as the only one of the Multicolor Coalition which adds up to double digits, when it reaches 30%. They were much further behind Town meeting, with 4%; he Colorado Party, with 1%; and another official party, with 2%. Furthermore, 1% consider that they will belong to the Left, while 9% preferred not to give their opinion.

According to the study, which does not measure voting intention, 54% of society believes that the next government will be Broad Front, against just 37% who consider that the Multicolor Coalition, without counting the 9% who did not respond.

The survey also establishes the perception by political force. From there it emerges that among the voters of the FA, 87% believe that the opposition will reach the Presidency, with 10% believing that the government will continue.

On the other hand, among the adherents of the Multicolor Coalition There are 60% of people who estimate that one of the ruling parties will retain power, against 30% who admit that they can change the government.

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