Collection fell by 3.5% in real terms year-on-year and accentuated the fiscal deterioration

Collection fell by 3.5% in real terms year-on-year and accentuated the fiscal deterioration
September 23, 2023 – 16:18

The DGI reported the decrease in August, where gross receipts reached $49,381 million. It accumulates a decline of 2.1% in the year.

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The collection of the General Tax Directorate It fell 3.5% real year-on-year in August, marking its third consecutive fall and accentuating the fiscal deterioration that the country is going through, within the framework of a calendar year where it only showed increases in January and May.

Thus, after a quarter where the collection comes from falling 1.71%, accumulates a decrease of 2.1% so far this year, driven mainly by lower income linked to the VAT of imports and IRAE.

Specifically, the DGI reported that the collection total gross reached 49,381 million pesos in August, while the collection net, discounting the return of taxes, reached 41,288 million pesos, with a 3.4% real year-on-year drop.

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Graphic: DGI

The incidence of VAT linked to imports

With respect to taxes linked to consumption, collection of the VAT reached 22,812 million pesos, representing 46.2% of the collection total gross, but with a real drop of 5.2% monthly and 1.5% so far this year. The greatest contribution was given by VAT imports, with a decrease of 15%.

Meanwhile, the perception of IMESI reached 4,926 million pesos, representing 10% of the collection total gross, with an increase of 5.5% in August, despite the decline of 5.3% in the accumulated annual figure.

income taxes

With respect to IRAE, the collection It reached 6,133 million pesos, representing 12.4% of the total, with a monthly decline of 12.2% and 2.1% so far this year.

Finally, the perception of Income Tax reached 8,688 million pesos and represented 17.6% of the collection. During the month it grew 1.5% in real terms, while it accumulated 3% between January and August.

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