London: Brexit opponents protest for Britain to rejoin the EU

London: Brexit opponents protest for Britain to rejoin the EU

In 2016, a narrow majority in Great Britain voted for Brexit. Under the motto “We want our star back!” Opponents of the previous vote want to reverse the resulting EU exit.

Many Britons have taken to the streets to demand their country’s return to the European Union. Equipped with blue EU flags and blue clothing, the Brexit opponents marched through London today at the National Rejoin March.

The newspaper “The Independent” spoke of around 3,000 participants. Among them was the former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt. He wrote on the online platform X that he was in London to “join thousands and thousands to demand the return of the United Kingdom to the EU after the Brexit disaster.”

People from different parts of Britain traveled to the event by train or bus, social media posts about the march showed. The central motto of the march, which could be read on a banner and referred to the stars of the EU flag: “We want our star back!” (We want our star back!) This was the second edition of the campaign, which first took place in October 2022.

A narrow majority of people in the United Kingdom voted for Brexit in 2016. At the end of January 2020, the country left the EU – this step should be reversed according to the wishes of the protest participants.

Source: Stern

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