Luis Heber seeks to add an article to the Accountability to prevent the escape of drug traffickers

Luis Heber seeks to add an article to the Accountability to prevent the escape of drug traffickers

Within the framework of the fight against drug trafficking, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, He anticipated that the government seeks to include in the Accountability an article that prevents the possibility of drug traffickers escaping from Uruguay.

Heber, who two months ago avoided a motion of censure in the Parliament, admitted that legislators seek to add a guarantee in the Accountability so that those drug traffickers with house arrest cannot use “trucho certificates.”

The leader specified that the initiative is being debated in the Senate and “there may be changes in this instance.” According to what he told Subrayado, the objective is “that there may be an article that better supports or guarantees the possibility that fraudulent certificates are not used so that dangerous people are at home and can escape.”

This possibility is added to other projects such as the agreement with USA in which they work National Customs Directorate (DNA) with officials of the security Department American, with the aim of collaborating to control crimes of drug trafficking and against intellectual property, two of the biggest problems at borders and customs.

Criticism of Justice for the escape of drug traffickers

In the midst of alerts from the UN Due to the situation, the minister expressed his “indignation” days ago at judicial decisions that helped drug traffickers they escape The last of them was Miguel Ángel Leal Da Costa Porto, sentenced on February 10, 2022 to four years and seven months in prison, who had been detained in his vehicle at the time he was going to deliver 15 kilos of cocaine

The dangerous drug dealer He escaped after being taken to house arrest, this time without an ankle bracelet. On May 27, 2022, he received early release, which means that he was in prison for three months and fifteen days.

It was different from what happened with Juan Antonio González Bica, whose sentence to house arrest was by the judge Maria Helena Mainard, who also granted said condition of confinement to Ricardo Damián Cáceres Correa, criminal known as Ricardito.

“It is very discouraging to see the lack of commitment in the fight against drug trafficking”, argued about it Heber from his It is not a lack of prudence. It is not invading powers. It’s outrage.”

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