Acassuso managed to get the tie at home against Dep. Merlo

Acassuso managed to get the tie at home against Dep. Merlo

Acassuso couldn’t at home with Dep. Merlo and they tied 1-1 at the Armenia stadium, on date 15 of the Argentina tournament – Primera B Season Championship 2023.

With a goal from Alejo Macelli, the visitors began to win at the beginning of the first half, however at 58 minutes into the second half Matias Gutierrez achieved the tie for the local team.

Matias Gutierrez had a great performance. The Acassuso midfielder scored 1 goal.

Alejo Macelli also performed well. The Dep. Merlo midfielder scored 1 goal.

The match had a large number of cautions: Diego Aguirre, Alex Ruiz, Agustín Piñeyro, Lucas Mulazzi, Sebastián Silguero and Ramiro Martinez.

Acassuso’s coach, Alejandro Friedrich, presented a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Javier Bustillos in goal; Gino Parodi, Sebastián Silguero, Brian Negro and Alex Ruiz on the defensive line; Nahuel Rios, Agustín Piñeyro, Matias Gutierrez and Mauricio Aguirre in the middle; and Braian Benítez and Lucas Quiroga in attack.

For its part, Cristian Fabbiani’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Martín Ríos between the three sticks; Lorenzo Monti, Lucas Mulazzi, Alan Jiménez and Gonzalo Añazgo in defense; Tomás Díaz Grassano, Alejo Macelli, Gaspar Iñiguez and Santiago Scacchi in the midfield; and Facundo Pumpido and Diego Aguirre up front.

Juan Robledo was the referee chosen for the match at the Armenia stadium.

On the next date, Acassuso will visit Dep. Armenio and Dep. Merlo will play at home against Talleres (RE).

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