The Professionals Fund asks the Executive for a last effort to achieve its reform

The Professionals Fund asks the Executive for a last effort to achieve its reform

The directory of the Retirement and Pension Fund for University Professionals (Cjppu) of Uruguay expressed his concern about the rejection of the bill to reform the institution presented by the Executive power in Deputies. “We are very surprised that we are the only group that has not managed to find a solution,” said its president, Virginia Romero.

The refusal to give their votes by Town meeting and the Wide Front to approve the rescue of the Professional Box before the end of the admitted constitutional term led to the social security institute being faced with a crisis at the door due to the end of its resources. Unlike the Bank Cash, which was in a similar situation but did manage to reach the necessary agreement for the project to be approved in Parliament, the Cjppu and the university professionals did not obtain a definitive answer and feel that “the political system” turned its “back” on them.

To show how urgent a solution is for the group, Romero pointed out in a press conference that 42 million dollars are paid monthly in benefits while the total of income It is 39 million dollars. With this scenario and without any concrete response achieved in legal matters, the reserves last until 2025 —although they could end even earlier. “Surely there will be changes” because the “situation is going to be complicated,” anticipated the president of the institute, and added that “surely the forecast for the first quarter of 25, unfortunately, will not be met.”

From the Professionals Fund they ask the Executive Branch and Parliament to find a solution.

Likewise, Romero indicated that when modifications were proposed in aspects on which they did not agree, it was not to delay the treatment of the project, but to improve it. “We never thought that we would not have a law, worse is not having any law”, he remarked. Along these lines, he questioned the lack of consensus and asked for an agreement: “That they come to an agreement and give us something, a law,” he said, warning that there are still two days left “for the Executive Branch to carry out one last effort”. “It is not possible for them to disagree on all points,” she added.

Tomorrow the board will meet to discuss how to continue.

Cabildo Abierto and the Frente Amplio, the culprits according to Mieres

The minister of Work and Social Security (MTSS), Pablo Mierespointed out that the reform of the Professionals Fund did not achieve approval in Parliament because of the Broad Front (FA) and Open Town Hall (CA); and that these parties are responsible for not having been able to provide a solution to the crisis that the institution is going through within the constitutional deadline for it.

For Mieres, “the government made every effort to make the reform a reality,” talking with the Caja, preparing the bill, listening to the different actors and even incorporating requested modifications. “But unfortunately Cabildo Abierto and the Frente Amplio decided not to vote,” he told Montevideo Portal, adding that “they will be the responsible for not giving a solution to something that clearly already existed before we took office.”

According to the minister, the party led by senator Guido Manini Ríos I intended that the contribution of assets was less than that proposed in the bill – with the counterpart of greater assistance from the State-, and this was the point of main disagreement, which finally led to CA not giving its votes for the reform. “There was a problem of financing, and in these conditions the solution becomes unfeasible,” explained the head of the MTSS in this regard.

In this sense, he would have been the same president Luis Lacalle Pou the one who closed the doors to the lobbyist’s request personally, conveying to them the final position of the Executive Branch regarding the requested modifications.

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