He looks like a monkey with a machine gun to me

He looks like a monkey with a machine gun to me
October 25, 2023 – 09:03

The former president of Uruguay referred to the elections in the neighboring country and assured that he leans towards Massa.

Photo: EFE / Elvis González

The former Uruguayan president, Jose Mujicaspoke about the runoff that will take place in Argentina on November 19 and assured that he leans towards the candidate of the Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massagiven that Javier Milei He seems like “a monkey with a machine gun.”

During the Latin American and Caribbean day of integration of peoples, Mujica was consulted by the press regarding the political situation in the neighboring country, which is in a dilemma between two candidates: Sergio Massarepresenting the Peronist party of Unión por la Patria and Javier Mileifounder of the recent La Libertad Avanza party.

Regarding the results, he assured that he believes they will be even, although he is betting on the Peronist candidate. “Not because he is God or because he is perfect, but the other seems to me like a monkey with machine gun”, he clarified. On the other hand, he added that it is possible that he will have a meeting with the presidential candidate and current Economy Minister of Argentina.

Regarding Massa’s criticism that Uruguay negotiate outside the Mercosur, Mujica said that “we don’t have to fight with anyone. We always have to lie on the ground and cry”; Although, on the other hand, he admitted that “Mercosur has many failures, but it also has its achievements.”

Mujica asks for unity

The former president spoke of the importance of the American people coming together to be able prevail in a world that is “tightening” and where the people of America “it has no impact.” With this, Mujica exemplified: “The most dramatic thing – and I said it in these meetings – was what happened to us with the pandemic. “We are six, seven percent of the world population and we account for 30 percent of the deaths.”

“We were unable to get together to get a continental politics and pressure the holders of knowledge, the pharmaceutical companies, to negotiate vaccines for us, because in America There were five countries capable of manufacturing vaccines. Many people’s lives would have been saved. But the worst thing is that we don’t even threaten to get together,” he lamented.

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