What is APEP, the forum that will reunite Lacalle Pou with Biden?

What is APEP, the forum that will reunite Lacalle Pou with Biden?
October 31, 2023 – 11:32

The President of the Republic will travel to the United States to participate in the first summit of this international group.

Photo: White House

President Luis Lacalle Pou will travel tomorrow to USA to participate in the first summit of the Alliance for Economic Prosperity in the Americas (APEP)in what will be the second meeting of the Uruguayan president with his American counterpart Joe Biden. What is this new meeting space for American leaders about?

It’s been almost a year since Uruguay It was included in the select group or program of the Alliance for Economic Prosperity in the Americas, more easily known as APEP, for its acronym in English. This space promoted by Democratic President Biden —in a kind of his own proposal against the initiative “Global Gateway” of the European Union, as well as the Belt and Road China; who seek to channel financing and support for other countries—has the objective of promoting investments and trade between certain nations of the continent.

On November 3, the first summit of APEP will take place, the organization announced by Biden in 2022 during the Summit of the Americas in The Angels; and the central topics of discussion will be development and migration. In addition to Uruguay, The leaders of Peru, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Barbados, Canada and Costa Rica.

As confirmed by the White House, The American president and host of the summit will reaffirm “the commitment to work together to deepen the economic integration” on the continent, as well as to promote a economic growth inclusive and address the economic causes of irregular migration in the region.

The government, meanwhile, understands this participation as an opportunity to also advance towards new tariff agreements with the North American power.

A new forum on Atlantic investments

In parallel to the first APEP activity, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)announced a new multilateral forum focused on investments that brings together 32 Atlantic coastal countries in Africa, Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Named as Association for Atlantic Cooperation —Partnership for Atlantic Cooperation, in English—this group will seek to address issues from economic development to environmental protection, as well as science and technology; from the Joint Declaration on Atlantic Cooperation which was signed last year.

“The Association for Atlantic Cooperation seeks to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the regional cooperation, forging deeper connections between Atlantic countries on four continents,” said the US embassy in Uruguay about. It will have a dual purpose: to allow Atlantic countries to expand cooperation on a variety of shared objectives and to defend a set of shared principles for Atlantic cooperation.

President Lacalle Pou will also participate in this forum, along with leaders from other countries in the region.

Source: Ambito

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