The Broad Front meets to analyze actions for the government’s role in the Marset case

The Broad Front meets to analyze actions for the government’s role in the Marset case
November 1, 2023 – 20:34

Opposition leaders spoke of the “institutional seriousness” of what happened around the delivery of the passport to the Uruguayan drug trafficker.

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He Wide Front called an emergency meeting to analyze the steps to follow after the former vice chancellor’s statement Carolina Ache, who said he resigned “for refusing to commit a crime,” accusing the chancellor Francisco Bustillo, within the framework of the investigation for the delivery of Uruguayan passport to the drug dealer Sebastian Marset.

Given the sayings of ache after declaring in Prosecutor’s Office, who accused Bustillo of asking him to “lose his cell phone”, the FA called a meeting at the Seregni footprint when speaking of the “serious information that has emerged about the case Marset”, in reference to the stage of interrogations of senior officials in which the Minister of the Interior already gave a statement, Luis Alberto Heber, while on Friday it will be the turn of the chancellor himself.

It is expected that once the meeting of the opposition leaders is over, the Wide Front issue a statement expressing your position and defining steps to follow, among which there may be mention of Bustillo, but they could also mention the president Luis Lacalle Pou.


Strong reactions from the Broad Front

After the strong accusation of Ache, Opposition leaders came out to criticize the government. Among them was the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, who through his “.

Along the same lines, the Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, who stated: “The cell phone was not lost, what was lost was the shame.” Along the same lines, he maintained that “justice must act and each of those involved in this plot must assume their responsibilities,” while he lamented: “Every day that passes, a new scandalous fact arises in the government. The situation is very worrying. “.


In turn, the senator Charles Carrera ironically: “Another procedural scam? The Impunity of the Executive Tower “It has no limits.” The legislator assured that “a strategy was put together to hide evidence” and noted: “They lied to the people, they lied to Parliament and, in case something was missing, they wanted to lie to Justice.”

Meanwhile, his pair Daniel Caggiani He pointed out that “everything that comes to light is worse”, spoke of a government in which “everything is rotten” and chimed: “At this rate they are going to have to expand the prison of Florida”.

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