Unusual: a Boca fan was traveling to Brazil and missed the flight for eating a Milanese

Unusual: a Boca fan was traveling to Brazil and missed the flight for eating a Milanese
November 1, 2023 – 20:36

Thousands of Xeneize fans traveled to Rio de Janeiro in the last few hours to witness the final of the Copa Libertadores that will be played this Saturday at the Maracaná Stadium.

Three days before the final of the Libertadores Cupthousands of fans of Boca begin to travel to Brazil to witnessor at least try to, the definitive meeting of the Xeneize against the local Fluminense. However, there was one fan who missed his flight for an unusual reason: He stayed eating a Milanese.

Passion is this“said the supporter in dialogue with C5N before recounting his journey to fly to Rio de Janeiro. “We left by train to Constitución and then we took the 45, until then everything was impeccable,” he said.

“We arrived and I said, ‘Well, Let’s eat the milanesas that I made with love‘, we played a little trick, everything was calm. In that I say: ‘We arrived well.’ When I said that, the plane had already left.“He explained, regretting his mistake.

However, he assured that They have no “tickets or accommodation” in Rio de Janeiro to stay in Brazil and be able to experience the final between Boca and Fluminense.

To get to Brazilthey were going to travel in the first instance to Puerto Iguazuthen they were going to go to San Pablo by Micro and finally to Rio de Janeiro. “More or less 46 hours“, he estimated.

“With a contact” they managed to relocate to travel from Ezeiza tomorrow at 5 in the morning and they were able to solve the problem of the missed flight.

Thousands of Boca fans travel to Brazil to experience the final of the Copa Libertadores

The expected “invasion” of more than 100,000 Boca Juniors fans for the final of the Libertadores Cup in view of Fluminense of the Saturday, November 4 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilcaused the Argentine consular authorities of the wonderful city to launch a instructive so that the supporters avoid legal problems and violence during your stay in the country.

  • Avoid any type of provocation to the Brazilian people. Racist or xenophobic songs and gestures constitute a serious crime, which carries penalties of up to 5 years in prison and cannot be released from prison.
  • Remember that the drug use is severely punished in Brazil.
  • Use only tickets obtained through official channels.
  • Travel with traveler insurance with broad coverage that provides legal assistance.
  • In case of emergency, you can contact Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Rio de Janeiro It is +55 (21) 98476 0444.

For its part, Argentinian airlines programmed more than 40 flights to Rio de Janeiro to satisfy the high demand for travel on the occasion of this Saturday’s game.

To the 19 regular weekly games were added 21 special flightswith which more than 6,000 “xeneizes” fans They will arrive between this Thursday and Saturday in the city of Rio.

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