Unplanned home birth: Little Tim was in a particular hurry

Unplanned home birth: Little Tim was in a particular hurry
Nico Burgstaller and Jennifer Schneidinger with their Tim, the volunteer paramedics from the Red Cross Altheim local office, Benjamin and Tobias Weinhäupl, paramedic Manuel David, emergency doctor Daniel Unterhuber, emergency paramedic Florian Fischer

The paramedics Benjamin and Tobias Weinhäupl, together with the emergency doctor team Dr. Daniel Unterhuber, Florian Fischer and Manuel David were called to the Schneidinger family in Altheim on October 31st at 8:13 p.m. The operational diagnosis was “confinement.” The expectant parents were already waiting for the Red Cross employees. Since the contraction interval was already too short for transport to the hospital, the birth was carried out at home. After contractions began, little Tim (height: 50 centimeters, weight: 3410 grams) was born at 8:57 p.m. without complications. After initial care, the baby was taken to the hospital with the happy parents.

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