The majority of the Linz SPÖ are against a general speed limit of 100

The majority of the Linz SPÖ are against a general speed limit of 100
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The mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger, was defeated in the election for district party chairman – but he had no opposing candidates. 79.01 percent voted for Luger, the turnout among the 5,220 Linz SP members was 46 percent.

As reported, the presidential election was also linked to a member survey; from September 23rd to October 15th there was the opportunity to take a stand on some controversial topics: from the 32-hour week to a general 100 km/h speed limit on motorways.

More on the subject: Luger is against 100 km/h and a 32-hour week

The greatest agreement was on the question of whether asylum seekers should be given unrestricted access to the labor market. 58 percent are in favor of it, 27 percent are not in favor of it.

Fault lines emerge

The introduction of 100 km/h as the maximum permitted speed on Austrian motorways also met with no approval; 57 percent rejected this. Here a break with the Federal SP becomes clear; Andreas Babler is in favor of such a limit – unlike Klaus Luger – as is well known.

However, Luger’s position regarding a 32-hour week with full wage compensation was not strengthened by the membership result. While Luger also doesn’t agree with Babler’s idea (“that’s not possible given the shortage of skilled workers”), the base sees it differently. 51.8 percent approval versus 34.6 percent rejection.

56 percent of Linz residents are in favor of tightening criminal law for all those who disrupt public order through unannounced demonstrations. There is no clear picture when it comes to the question of shortening the summer school holidays: 45 percent are in favor of maintaining them, 37 percent in favor of shortening them.

The results of the member survey are not binding.

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