Fernando Mattos warned about the weak global demand for some agricultural products

Fernando Mattos warned about the weak global demand for some agricultural products

The leader was present today, Sunday, at the 94th Expo Treinta y Tres, held in the department of Thirty-threewhere he left several statements about the global context and the future prospects of national agriculture.

Mattos pointed out that the panorama of international politics is “uncertain” as a result of war conflicts and trade sanctions, and that this situation “will surely bring a reaction from the point of view of prices,” because they are affecting their formation, and that also “have their correlation depending on the perspective of weak international demand.”

Regarding the demand, he expressed his desire for it to recover, but warned that “it will have its effects on the value of grains and other agricultural products.”

“Whole milk powder had a price floor”

“We have seen it in the reality of dairy products that had a price floor with whole milk powder at 2,500 dollars (per ton),” commented the minister, who added that “today we are already exceeding 3,000 ( dollars per ton)”.

Likewise, he recalled that, however, “there are some items in recovery” and that grains have reacted favorably to the maintenance of interest rates by the United States Federal Reserve (Fed)since, according to the minister, “weakened the dollarbut it favored stock market actions and markets.

“International realities, although uncertain, find the Uruguay decided,” he emphasized Mattoswho asserted that there are opportunities for certain commercial improvements with China and USAbased on the recent visit of the president Luis Lacalle Pou to the North American country, and its next flight this month to the Asian giant.

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