The Central Railway operations center was inaugurated

The Central Railway operations center was inaugurated

He Operations and Maintenance Center of the Central Railway that will unite Montevideo and Paso de los Toros was inaugurated yesterday, accompanied by the arrival of locomotives, wagons and equipment that are already in the Uruguay; a key advance for a project that already has several delays.

The Operations and Maintenance Center will support the rail transport service that will link Montevideo and Bull Pass and will be made up of 3,000 square meters, fully equipped to serve the entire fleet of rolling stock. For its part, in the administrative area DBCC Transport Uruguay It will carry out its tasks in a space of 1,000 square meters with 75 people directly.

The machinery arrived in Uruguay

With more than three years of manufacturing, 7 locomotives by the company also arrived in the country. Stadler of Spain, as well as the 120 wagons for transporting cellulose also built in Spain and another 20 wagons built in Bulgaria and Germany for the transportation of supplies.

According to the company, at the beginning of operations each locomotive will travel almost 120,000 km during its first year to transport the pulp manufactured by the company to the Port of Montevideo. UPM at its Paso de los Toros plant, as well as to transport supplies also from the port to the plant.

A million-dollar investment and numerous delays

The work of Central Railway include an investment of 40 million dollars to build 273 kilometers of railways between the Port of Montevideo and Bull Pass, facilitating the circulation of freight trains at 80 kilometers per hour and 22.5 tons per axle.

His arrival was scheduled for last July 24, but there were some differences between the Executive power and the Montevideo Municipality that drives Carolina Cosse. Even in the midst of the differences, the deputy for National Party, Daniel Martínez, He assured that the IM requested “more than 20 works,” in a maneuver that he described as “blackmail.”

Once these obstacles have been overcome, the government estimates that the initial stage of the work will be operational before December 24, the day on which testing and signaling will begin, so that, a couple of months later, operation will begin.

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