The FA, Colorados and independents want to close the new political financing law in Deputies

The FA, Colorados and independents want to close the new political financing law in Deputies

The law of financing of political parties There is still no progress and that is why the deputies involved in the special commission that discusses the project announced that they will try to reach an agreement today, just 11 days before the deadline for action expires.

The deputies in charge of the discussion, Iván Posada of Independent PartyMariano Tucci of Wide Front and Conrado Rodríguez of Colorado Party They will try to close today the agreement on the financing law for political parties.

However, the National Party has not yet expressed its position, which leaves a question about what could happen in the vote just eleven days before the deadline to discuss an issue in the Special Commission expires. Meanwhile, the ruling party will also present a document on the benches today, although without the consent of the entire group.

For its part, Cabildo Abierto did not present a position regarding the new law, although it is not ruled out that party deputies will also present proposals this day in the midst of the agreement in committee.

The impact of the Marset case on the decision of the Frente Amplio

The discussion about the new law occurs in a compromising context for the government that is immersed in a political crisis provoked by audios presented by the former chancellor, Carolina Ache, which caused the resignation of four executive officials. After the resignations, the Wide Front met on Sunday where they stipulated possible scenarios to demonstrate, among which are marches against corruption or mentioning the importance of democracy in the event on November 27.

For their part, they also spoke about the new law and they established it as extremely important to step on the accelerator regarding the discussion of the political party financing law. “We cannot allow drug trafficking to get into politics,” remarked the president of the Frente Amplio, Fernando Pereira. In that sense, they assured that they would be willing to make their demands more flexible regarding the participation of companies (legal entities), although it still generates discussion within the party itself.

Difference of opinions

For the moment, the joint work in the commission managed to agree 12 items, but it stalled when the Frente Amplio opposed the legal persons can donate to electoral campaigns. This is another aspect that prevents the rapid progress that many spaces aim for.

In this regard, the Colorados consider that this is a “core” part of the proposal they made—and it is an idea with which the ruling party generally agrees—and they insist that these figures, under certain conditions, can be contributors. An argument in favor of this is that it would not make sense for a company not to be able to contribute, while in parallel an entrepreneur, in a personal capacity, can do so with the company money.

Meanwhile, the opposition points out that an agreement could be reached if boundaries and clear conditions so that a company can contribute.

Another difference, still unresolved, is which body should control the free advertising distribution that the parties will receive through the different media.

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