Carolina Cosse accused the government of being unstable and directionless

Carolina Cosse accused the government of being unstable and directionless

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, accused the government of being “unstable” and “rudderless,” referring to the scandal over Sebastian Marset, being a speaker this Tuesday at a working lunch organized by the Association of Marketing Managers of Uruguay, where he took stock of his management against the Montevideo Municipality and referred to other political issues.

In any case, the department head once again avoided speaking out about the plebiscite on the social security reform. On the other hand, he announced that on Friday there will be an event at the Rodo Park, where he is expected to launch his presidential candidacy.

“I don’t think it’s a specific event. The facts show that there are repeated situations of political crises, acts of corruption, and concealment, which I believe weaken the institutions,” he said. cosse, and added: “I think we have to go to the core because I think nothing would weaken our country more than if we were condescending.”

“And I also believe that the scandals that we have experienced for some time now have their own name but they are not individual acts. Astesian It is not Astesian. It is a criminal association. Penades It’s not Penadés, it’s child abuse. AND Heber, Maciel, Bustillo, Lafluf It is concealment of information and pressure on Justice. So it is important to go to the core and that Uruguayans, in addition to asking ourselves how things happened, ask ourselves calmly, but with great conviction, why things happened,” concluded the mayor of Montevideo.

Cosse questioned lack of candor and instability

When aiming against Luis Lacalle Pou for the passport delivered to marset and the scandal that resulted, cosse He noted: “I think that the other day at the press conference the president missed a great opportunity to, let’s say, speak frankly with the population and take up the issue, but hey, he’ll see. The Government first considers the issue closed, as the rest will now be in court.”

“It is also an unstable government, an unstable council of ministers for the most diverse reasons,” said the mayor and listed: “Unstable because the chancellor leaves shortly after, they had to denounce ministers for corruption issues, because that is what add the case Astesian which, as I say, is a case of criminal association. And I can continue, the topic of Big Jump For example”.

“So I believe that the government, instead of saying that the opposition puts a spanner in the wheel, I want to tell the government that the problem is not in the wheels, they have it in the steering wheel. What we are seeing is a government “unstable and directionless,” he stated. Cosse.

He immediately avoided again referring to what his position will be on the referendum on the social security reform. Along these lines, he said that he will first talk to his teammates and that he will not say it through the press.

Govern based on evidence

The mayor of Montevideo He placed four central axes in his speech that in his opinion mark the management he leads. “Governing based on evidence, equity in management, differentiation and encouraging participation, those have been our obsessions,” he said. Cosse.

Along these lines, he exemplified the steps taken in the cleaning strategy, greater inspection, better urban cleaning and important changes in the area of ​​mobility. On the other hand, he maintained that based on the investment promotion work promoted in an office run by the former Undersecretary of Economy, Pablo Ferreri, 120 million dollars arrived in the capital. The tourism sector was another of the highlights, mentioning that tourists refer to culture as one of the capital’s differentials.

The tram and the project that was not

The mayor was consulted about the opinion of the communal government on the tram project that would link the coast of cannelloni with the center of Montevideo. In this regard, he indicated that he did not know the details of the project and recalled that at the beginning of his administration he presented a similar initiative to the national government that, even with financing planned, never received a response.

At the end of your message, cosse He referred to what he defined as financial “drowning” by the government and mentioned some examples such as the reduction of transfers, the refusal to approve a loan with the Inter-American Development Bank and other financing mechanisms that he had to promote “alone,” he expressed. “Despite that, we are not going to stop,” concluded the mayor.

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