Uruguay seeks to export meat to Indonesia and Malaysia

Uruguay seeks to export meat to Indonesia and Malaysia

Uruguay advances in its attempt to open the markets of Indonesia and Malaysia for the export of meat sheep and cattle.

In July 2022, the government received health questionnaires sent by technicians from both countries for the authorization of the sheep and beef markets.

Already at the end of 2021, the MGAP had received authorities from PhilippinesIndonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnamin a search to expand horizons within the Southeast Asian market, not only in the meat industry, but also in the dairy industry.

On November 1, the minister Fernando Mattosalong with other authorities of the MGAP and the National Meat Institute (INAC)received a delegation of authorities and businessmen from Malaysia.

The Malaysian delegation was made up of Abdul MohammadChief of Staff of the Deputy Prime Minister; Azwan Harundirector of Halal Development Corporation; Moktar Radin, Member of Parliament; and businessmen Ramelle Ramli and Zulkarnain Eusope.

Uruguay awaits the response from Indonesia and Malaysia for the sanitary approval of its meat

That same day, in an interview with radio Carve, the director of MGAP Livestock Services, Diego Freitaspointed out that Uruguay “will not have problems with the authorizations”, and that the country is now waiting for the responses from both countries, since they sometimes ask to expand the details of the answers to the questionnaires.

“I think we are not going to have problems with the authorizations,” he explained. De Freitasabout the possibility of exporting meat sheep and cattle with and without bone. “Years ago Malaysia We were already exporting to them, but not to the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam,” said the leader.

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