New test to diagnose uterine cancer

New test to diagnose uterine cancer

This was developed under the direction of the Tyrolean researcher Martin Widschwendter. In the future, women will be spared a lot, as in 90 percent of cases no procedures such as hysteroscopies or scrapings will be necessary to determine the cancer.

The published study examined 400 women aged 45 and over who were suspected of having uterine cancer due to abnormal bleeding – a symptom of the disease. The cancer cases were reliably diagnosed using both the standard surgical procedure and the new test. The test only requires a swab and thus saves the need for surgical intervention. According to Widschwendter, those women who need quick and less stressful therapy can be found more quickly.

Good chances of recovery

Uterine cancer (arising from the lining of the uterine body) is the fourth most common cancer in women and more than twice as common as cervical cancer. However, if diagnosed early, the disease is easily treatable and the chances of recovery are high.

There is an effective vaccination against cervical cancer, as this and a number of other types of cancer are caused by human papilloma viruses (HPV). Around 80 to 90 percent of all people become infected with HPV during their lifetime, often without realizing it. The vaccination offers almost 100 percent protection.

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