USA: Abortion rights enshrined in Ohio’s constitution

USA: Abortion rights enshrined in Ohio’s constitution

Since the Supreme Court’s historic ruling, sovereignty over abortion rights has once again rested with the individual US states. Ohio now anchors the law in the constitution – like individual US states before it.

After fierce political battles, the right to abortion is enshrined in the constitution of another US state.

In a referendum in Ohio, a majority of voters supported this step, as reported by CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS based on vote counts and forecasts. There had previously been similar referendums in the states of Michigan, California and Vermont, which were also in favor of abortion supporters.

Biden: “Democracy has won”

US President Joe Biden reacted happily to the decision. The people of Ohio “voted to protect their fundamental freedoms – and democracy won.”

In the future, the right to abortion in Ohio will be constitutionally protected until the fetus is viable – i.e. up to approximately 24 weeks of pregnancy – and beyond if the mother’s life is at risk. More restrictive legislative proposals in the state will be eliminated with the constitutional amendment.

Strict restrictions in many places

In June last year, the US Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion, which had previously been constitutionally protected throughout the country. Since then, sovereignty over legislation has once again rested with the individual states. A legal patchwork has emerged – strict restrictions have come into force in many places. Abortion is effectively banned in 14 states.

Polls show a majority of people in the US support limited abortion rights. A year before the presidential election, the issue is already preoccupying many election campaigns at the federal level.

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