Attempted murder of ex-girlfriend: life imprisonment for 75-year-old in Vienna

Attempted murder of ex-girlfriend: life imprisonment for 75-year-old in Vienna
The guilty verdict was unanimous.

A 75-year-old was sentenced to life in prison at the Vienna Regional Court on Thursday for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend. The jury’s guilty verdict was unanimous in favor of the prosecution. In view of the man’s “massively tarnished previous life,” judge Ulrich Nachtlberger said in his verdict that “only a lifetime of crime, guilt and injustice is appropriate.” The decision is not final.

This wasn’t the first time the man had appeared before a jury. In June 1984, he killed another bar patron with a knife during a physical altercation in a bar in the federal capital. For this he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. After his release, he met a 58-year-old woman who entered into a relationship with him. He moved in with her. In the spring of 2023, however, she had had enough and, after having to endure repeated acts of violence, the woman expressed her intention to separate. According to the prosecution, the 75-year-old then announced that he would “cut her face.”

19 previous convictions

When the judge asked why he put his plan into action on May 21st, the defendant, who had 19 previous convictions, replied: “Because it got away.” Neighbors of the 58-year-old heard cries for help from the woman at 5 a.m., who then ran naked into the stairwell. The 75-year-old followed her and continued to attack her with the knife, as evidenced by numerous defensive wounds on the woman’s arms and hands. He only let go of her when a neighbor came to her aid with a Glock pistol that she legally owned. The 75-year-old fled when the gun was pointed at him, but was quickly caught and arrested by the police.

When he was brought to the trial by the judicial guard, he happily acknowledged the media representatives gathered in front of the hall and bowed with a smile while being photographed. He was less polite during the trial. After verbally attacking forensic expert Nikolaus Klupp, he was taken away.

Deep cuts on head, face and shoulders

Klupp went into detail about the deep cuts in the head, face and shoulder area that were inflicted on the woman with a knife in her apartment in Floridsdorf. Among other things, the defendant made V-shaped cuts up to five centimeters long on both cheeks of the 58-year-old. As Klupp emphasized, “massive violence” was used. The expert spoke of 18 wounds and referred to a photo folder with pictures of the disfigured woman. “I’ll tell you straight away, these are not pretty pictures,” Klipp warned the jury before they saw the photo documentation.

The defendant, who had already interrupted the forensic doctor or did not want to answer his questions, then exploded (“Do you want to moch’n mi deppat? I lifted scho ois g’sogt!”). He insulted the expert (“What is he saying? Who is he, what would he say?”), whereupon the Senate decided to continue the trial without the defendant.

Only “three drivers” added

Before he was removed from the courtroom, the man told the jury he had inflicted “three hits” on the woman: “I just wanted to disfigure her face. I hit her in the face, then I wanted to go.” He didn’t want to kill the woman; he didn’t stab her in the neck. He’s sorry “that I made her look like that. Because I loved her. But what can I do? If I can, I’ll pay for her operation.”

The 75-year-old was allowed to be present again when the verdict was announced. He remained surprisingly calm at the trial finale. His legal representative Melanie Kolar (Rast Musliu law firm) asked for three days to think about it, and the judgment is therefore not final.

SERVICE – The police point out that they are the contact person for people who perceive violence or are victims of violence themselves. The emergency number can be reached at any time on 133. Other contact points include the women’s helpline (0800-222555) and the victim emergency number (0800-112112).

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