multipolarity, requests for cooperation and deepening the strategic relationship

multipolarity, requests for cooperation and deepening the strategic relationship

Since last night, Brazil, Russia, India and China They sent official messages to the winner of the second round. In addition to congratulating him for winning the elections, there was an express common request: to maintain diplomatic and commercial ties, a point that was questioned by Milei during the campaign, as one of the guidelines of his government program, where he assured that he plans to “break ” with Brazil and China.

In that sense, the leaders of the member countries of the BRICS They left common messages for the president-elect, looking to the future in the bond between nations.

Messages from the BRICS to Javier Milei after the victory in the runoff

First he was the president of Brazil, Lula da Silvawho sent a message to Javier Milei after confirming the victory in the runoff. “Democracy is the voice of the people and must always be respected. My congratulations to the Argentine institutions for conducting the electoral process and to the Argentine people who participated in the election day in an orderly and peaceful manner,” was the president’s message this Sunday.

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“I wish you good luck and success to the new government. Argentina is a great country and deserves all our respect. Brazil will always be available to work alongside our Argentine brothers“, ends Lula’s message.

In order to BRICS, Russia continued. Was Dmitri FeoktistovRussian ambassador to Argentina, expressed: “The future administration has a great job ahead of it in overcoming social and economic problems, in strengthening the unity of society, in increasing the role and weight of Argentina in the affairs international,” he expressed in an official message.

Dmitry PeskovHe further stated: “We have taken note of a series of statements that Mr. Milei made during the election campaign, but we will focus on him and judge him mainly by the statements he makes after taking office. We support the development of the bilateral relations with Argentina,” he added. “We hope that the course of adhering to multipolarity, independent foreign policy and firm protection of national interests will receive further development,” the diplomat concluded.

Early this Monday, he continued China, country that congratulated the president-elect Javier Milei and asked for the continuity of the ties of “cooperation” between both countries. Through an official statement, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Mao Ningsaluted the libertarian for his victory against Sergio Massa and also advocated for the “friendship” of the two nations in the future.

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In its message, China She assured that she remained willing to work with Argentina to “continue the friendship between the two countries.” Although the Asian giant is currently Argentina’s second trading partner and the second destination for the South American country’s exports, Milei He even stated that he would freeze relations with Beijing to “not make agreements with communists.”

For its part, mao He assured this Monday in a press conference that China “attaches great importance to the development of ties with Argentina” from “a long-term strategic perspective” and that bilateral relations have recently shown “good development momentum.” And he added: “The ties between China and Argentina have become a consensus in both societies.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, congratulated the president-elect of Argentina: “Looking forward to working closely with you to diversify and expand the strategic relationship India-Argentina“he wrote in a post on social media this Monday.

India It is today an important partner for the country in terms of foreign trade, where the amount of operations amounted to 6.4 billion dollars last year. It is Argentina’s fourth trading partner, whose trade reached a historic level last year, up to 12% more than the previous year.

Indian exports to Argentina include agrochemicals, fabrics, medicines and motorcycles, for a total of $1.84 billion last year. India imports vegetable oils, leather, cereals and chemicals from Argentina for 4.55 billion dollars.

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