The reaction of celebrities after knowing the results of the ballot

The reaction of celebrities after knowing the results of the ballot

Several Famous They got involved in the election campaign and they raised their voices in the face of the runoff that faced Javier Milei and Sergio Massa.

One of them was the driver Pamela Davidthat hours before elections for the second electoral round he said that he was eating with the official candidate and that he had told him that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta would be your eventual Economy Minister.

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“I wish with all my heart that he is the biggest liar of the elected presidents and does not fulfill anything he promised,” said the host of American breakfastwho in recent days has been very involved in politics.

Celebrities who regretted Milei’s triumph

Many actors supported the project Union for the Homeland and they did not hesitate to make their opinions public. The most notable were: Moria Casan, Lali Esposito, Pablo Echarri and Dolores Fonziamong others.

Moria Casan

The Dancing for a Dream jury was present at events Sergio Massawhere the candidate called her “Mami Mo” because of the romantic relationship that the diva maintains with her father-in-law, Fernando “Pato” Galmarini.

“Hello people, how are you… We came from the bunker, after hearing the great Sergio Massa, and we came to have a few drinks. Kisses,” she said in a video he posted on his Instagram stories, without commenting on the election results.

Moria Casan Sergio Massa

Lali Esposito

As to Mariana “Lali” Espósitobecame a trend on social networks when he said that he was “scared” of a possible victory for Javier Mileiafter the victory in the PASSED.

Prior to ballotLali shared a fragment of the speech given by Raul Alfonsin in may 1989days before the presidential elections that had to Carlos Menem and Eduardo Ageloz as candidates.

“The price we paid for this democracy was too high to go after some facile messianism that surely still lurks,” was the part that the singer published, in clear reference to the libertarian movement.

Lali Esposito.webp

Lali Esposito.

Other actors

Pablo Echarri He listed the arguments for which he supports the Kirchnerismwhile Dolores Fonzi recorded a video asking his followers not to vote for Javier Milei.

But just to mention some of those who spoke after the elections, we can name: Gonzalo Heredia and Mercedes Scapola. Both regretted Javier Milei’s victory.


Celebrities who supported Javier Milei

Eugenia “China” Suarez He posted a story next to the emoji of an Argentine flag: “I wish us the best. We deserve it. We have the most beautiful country. Please let it be for the better. “That people do not go hungry, that there is work for everyone, and that we can all live calmly and in peace.”

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For your partAngel de Brito, wrote on his networks: ”We have a new President Javier Milei, #MileiPresidente2023.” And he shared a photo of Milei with her fist raised.

WhileWalter “Alfa” Santiagoknown for his time Big Brother 2022recorded a video and uploaded it to his account instagram. In it, he called to “support Javier Milei”: “Argentina needs support, enough of the plans, let people work. Everyone support Milei, don’t put a spanner in the works.”

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