The Broad Front candidates questioned Lacalle Pou

The Broad Front candidates questioned Lacalle Pou

The four presidential candidates of the Broad Front (FA): the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse; he mayor of Canelones, Yamandu Orsi; he Senator Mario Bergara; and the Mayor of Salto, Andrés Limathey questioned in unison the performance of the current government administration.

The criticisms of the Broad Front presidential candidates were expressed in different press conferences last Saturday, within the framework of a party event with FA militants at the García Lorca Committee, in Montevideo.

The Canarian mayor, Yamandu Orsidefiantly assured that it “comforts” him that the President Luis Lacalle Pou “recognize that perhaps we will win,” after the president pointed out that the FA criticized the social security reformbut does not inform what he will do if he wins the elections.

“It’s all a sign,” continued the mayor of Canelones, who added: “We will see what is going to be done, we already said that a much more articulated proposal will be generated for the population with businessmen, unions, and with everyone.” interested parties, also political parties”. Orsi intends “a social security reform complete, that not only addresses the issue of retirements.

“That attitude of already understanding that he (Lacalle Pou) is in the campaign and, the other thing, we are already admitting (the electoral defeat) and asking ourselves what we are going to do,” he said.

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosseresponded to the same questions of Lacalle Poumaintaining that what “concerns” him is “whether that was a campaign speech by the president.”

The senator Mario Bergara pointed against him Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and described the fiscal result as “very bad” and “horrible”, which closed October with a deficit of 4.4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

For the former head of the MEF and former president of the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU)the government put “all its money” into the fiscal deficit, and yet, this is equal to or greater than 2019, when the same members of the current Executive power, they classified it as “catastrophic.” On Minister Azucena Arbelecheexpressed that “it has not been heard for a long time.”

“Lacalle Pou never knows what happens”

During Saturday night, but at an event at the Arbolito Club in the La Teja neighborhood, the mayor of Salta, Andres Limasaid Lacalle Pou “you never know what happens”, in reference to recent scandals such as the Astesiano case, the Marset case or the Penadés case.

The departmental leader went further and also pointed out that the secretary of the Presidency and pre-candidate of the National Party (PN), Álvaro Delgado“never gives his opinion on those issues” and that he is “the president’s lapdog.”

Source: Ambito

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