locomotive movement will begin on Monday

locomotive movement will begin on Monday

He Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP) announced that the movement of locomotives and wagons on the Central Railway tracks will begin tomorrow, Monday, December 4, at 07:00 hours.

The locomotives and carriages will first be moved from the Port of Montevideo to the Control and Maintenance Center in the department of cannellonito then continue the journey to the recently inaugurated pulp mill of UPM 2 (UPM Paso de los Toros) located in Pueblo Centenario, Durazno.

From the government portfolio they reported that “the transfer of the material is due to the future start of railway operation tests that will be carried out in a planned manner with a view to the beginning of operations in April 2024.”

Likewise, they indicated that the operation will be carried out “with the support of personnel from the Central Railway construction consortium at the crossings at the level of the track.” The MTOP recommends that passers-by respect the existing signs near the roads, as well as all the instructions of the personnel in charge of the operation.

“In the following months, the final stages of the project must be completed, which include finishing the signaling on the tracks, putting the Railway Traffic Control Center into operation and carrying out complete train circulation tests,” the statement concludes. of the ministry.

UPM 2 will begin transporting cellulose pulp to the Port of Montevideo in April

Plant UPM 2 will begin to transport cellulose pulp to the Port of Montevideo during the month of April of next year. On a weekly basis, between 21 and 31 trips will be made, that is, about 6 trips per day. The total fleet consists of 7 locomotives, 120 pulp cars cellulose and another 20 tank cars.

In mid-November, the legal representative of the Vía Central Group, Alejandro Ruibalhad explained that the works to link the capital’s port terminal with the brand new pulp mill had been completed, so the locomotives could now circulate.

However, he said that, at that time, the work was not yet finished, because some aspects of signage and testing remained, which would be completed at the end of the year.

In the month of July, the head of the MTOP, José Luis Falerostated that the construction of the Central Railway track would be ready before Christmas.

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