Ambiente received proposals to buy plots in Punta Ballena

Ambiente received proposals to buy plots in Punta Ballena
December 4, 2023 – 2:24 p.m.

The ministry received more than 11,000 signatures against the advancement of the sale of land in the natural site.

Photo: Mayor Maldonado

The new real estate project proposed to be developed in Punta Ballena continues to generate controversies and the Undersecretary of Environment, Gerardo Amarillaassured that they received several proposals to develop the space for which many neighbors, and even the mayor of Maldonado himself, refused to allow it to be modified.

The Ministry of Environment has already received 11,000 signatures against the project that proposes the construction of buildings in Punta BallenaMaldonado “In addition to the signatures, there are concerns, proposals,” explained the undersecretary of the environment to Radio Carve regarding the great refusal on the part of the neighbors to real estate projects, seeking to preserve that space.

However, Amarilla assured that the space received several proposals to buy plots of Punta Ballena. In that sense, the undersecretary announced that the proposals as well as the citizens’ proposals would be studied through a public audience. From there, the ministry will try to find a solution.

Meanwhile, the undersecretary assured that the resolution will have to seek “a balance between Environmental care with the legitimate owner’s right and the expectation of generating development in that place.” In that sense, he assured that there were several proposals that focused on the conservation of the environment and even transforming it into a environmental sanctuary.

The Municipality of Maldonado views the complex project in Punta Ballena with suspicion

For its part, the mayor Antía He assured in recent days that he will “defend” Punta Ballena from the potential construction of this building complex with 320 apartments.

“We have some ideas about it,” he said then. Antíaadding that “it is clear that this was signed in the government of the Broad Front (FA) and they had authorized 37 buildings, not 29 as they appear now, we don’t know why, because the mayor’s office has no information.”

“We believe that 29 (buildings) are too many,” he commented. Antíawho stated that “we should protect the tip of Punta Ballena to the death so that there is nothing there, even.”

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