Israel raises the travel alert level in 80 countries, including Argentina

Israel raises the travel alert level in 80 countries, including Argentina
December 4, 2023 – 2:26 p.m.

In addition, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela share the payroll with our country. The explanation of the National Security Council.


Given the war conflict prevailing in Middle East, from the Israel National Security Council raised the travel alert level for their citizens in 80 countries, of which is the Argentina.

In that sense, they reported that the risk went from 1, which remained the lowest rating, to 2.

After the remembered and bloody attack perpetrated by the terrorist group Hamas On October 7, the Israeli entity detected “an increase in efforts by Iran and its proxies, including factions of Hamas and Global Jihad, to harm Israeli and Jewish targets around the world”.

Also, the Advice evidenced a constant and significant increase in incitement and permanent attempts to attack added to the various anti-Semitic demonstrations in many countries.

In addition to Argentina, The countries that make up this list are Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela. Meanwhile, the United States maintained the risk level at one.

“The threat level for many countries in Western Europe (including the United Kingdom, France and Germany), South America (including Brazil and Argentina), as well as Australia and Russia, has been raised to level 2, with the recommendation to take extreme precautions,” explained the CNS it’s a statement.

In addition, and being aware of the serious situation, the Advice he urgently requested “weigh the essentiality of travel at this time”. While for Israeli citizens traveling abroad, he suggested that “choose your destinations wisely.”

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