Álvaro Delgado set a date for his resignation to dedicate himself to the campaign

Álvaro Delgado set a date for his resignation to dedicate himself to the campaign
December 9, 2023 – 15:45

The Secretary of the Presidency will resign in the coming days to focus on his pre-candidacy for the National Party ahead of the 2024 elections.

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He Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, confirmed that he will resign from his position next Thursday the 21st to dedicate himself fully to the campaign for the elections 2024, after having confirmed in recent weeks his presidential candidacy for the National Party (PN).

Slim, who appears as a favorite inside the P.N., that will measure it against the economist Laura Raffo and the senator Jorge Gandini, He confirmed the date of his departure by noting that “on December 21, I leave with a clear conscience of having been part of a government that rose to the occasion.”

During a congress of National Party, The leader maintained that “now other moments are coming” and confirmed: “I made a decision and several colleagues also made a decision and gave me their trust. I thank them for the trust, the time, the affection and also the criticism because it enriches.”

In the 2024 elections it is “advance or retreat to the worst of Uruguay”

When referring to the elections 2024, Delgado He assured that “we have to go out and contribute, with fraternity, a lot of commitment and a lot of strength” and asserted that “it means moving forward or going back to the worst of the Uruguay” and added: “I tell people that we complied when they gave us the vote and that we will continue to comply if people help us.”

Along these lines, he maintained that the objective is for the P.N. “pull for a new coalition government” and expressed “the tranquility of conscience of having left everything for this government and of having done everything for this country”, while expressing his tranquility of “being proudly white and proudly a member of this government.”

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Delgado highlighted the management of Lacalle Pou and questioned the Frente Amplio

On the other hand, the Secretary of the Presidency valued the actions of the management led by the president Luis Lacalle Pou and remembered the starting point. “”When it was our turn to lead the transition, we began to see that in reality after 15 years of government of the Wide Front with their own majority and with economic prosperity, there were a number of things that they had not done because they did not want to,” he noted.

About, Slim recalled that “we began to see that the fiscal deficit was 5%, the unemployment was 10.5% and the external debt was growing”, but he also spoke of “heartbreaking data, such as that there were 218,000 Uruguayans in more than 650 settlements living in undignified conditions” and defined: “That is the country we inherited, in addition to being tremendously insecure.”

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