The Frente Amplio disbelieves in the official crime figures

The Frente Amplio disbelieves in the official crime figures

The left-wing coalition points to a calculation error on the part of the Ministry of the Interior due to differences with its own data and that of the Prosecutor’s Office.

He Broad Front (FA) questioned the official figures that the Ministry of Interior published regarding the evolution of crimes in Uruguay during 2023: “For us, homicides continue to grow, the numbers we have are much higher,” said the deputy Nicolas Viera, prior to the appearance of the minister Nicolas Martinelli.

He Ministry of Interior released the closed figures of crimes 2023 hours before the portfolio holder explains to the Parliament not only this data, but also the security strategy that is carried out during his recent management – he took office two months ago, replacing Luis Alberto Heber—, based on three axes: homicides, drug trafficking and technology.

According to the report, last year there were 382 homicides, just one less than in 2022. The plunder, For their part, they fell from 23,427 to 22,390 in 2023 – an annual reduction of 4.5%; and the thefts They also decreased, from 115,883 to 112,747—2.8% less.

The Broad Front criticisms

Beyond the fact that Minister Martinelli will be the one who must explain the background of these figures, the Broad Front deputy Nicolas Viera He already announced that the left coalition considers that the official data does not match reality.

“Homicides for us continue to grow. The numbers we have are much higher than the numbers that have been reported,” Viera told Telemundo.

Although he did not dare to give a specific explanation as to what the reason for this difference could be—at least, prior to the appearance of the head of the Interior—the legislator, for Cologne He maintained that they will be attentive to “what is the way they register them.”

“I think there is a big difference there. We know that there are prosecutors who have complained because the numbers of the Ministry of Interior do not agree with Prosecutor’s Office, among other things because they are miscalculated. What is recorded in the ministry as theft is sometimes plunder,” he considered, and insisted on the possible presence of a “mistake”.

Likewise, he questioned the decrease in the number of complaints of domestic violence, and pointed out that “they have been growing year after year.”

Regarding Martinelli’s presence in Parliament, Viera pointed out that the FA celebrates the event and that they will clear up any doubts. “We have criticisms with the management of Lacalle Pou in safety. We understand that it is time to reach out and present to the government our complete willingness to solve the problems that society has. We urgently need to reduce the number of homicides. We live a crisis on this issue,” he said.

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