Former banker Juan Peirano Basso declared

Former banker Juan Peirano Basso declared

The ex-banker Juan Peirano Basso declared after being arrested on Thursday in Uruguay at the request of the Paraguayan Justice, which is investigating him for fraud against savers of the Banaleman Mutual Fund of the Velox Group. He had an arrest warrant for Interpol and could be extradited to Paraguay.

The arrest was at his home and today he appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office specialized in Economic and Complex Crimes third shift. The Uruguayan justice system must define whether it grants the extradition request from Paraguay, for which he was also wanted by Interpol.

As explained by the prosecutor Gilberto Rodriguez At the end of the hearing at a press conference, Peirano Basso was released with precautionary measures such as fixing your address and appearing at a police station once a week. In addition, you will not be able to leave the country during the 40 days that Paraguay has to issue a formal extradition order.

“He has a family, work activity and roots, there is no indication to presume that there could be a leak,” said the prosecutor regarding the decision not to dictate preventive prison. Furthermore, Rodríguez recalled that the former banker “has one or two criminal cases” open in Uruguay and first he has to serve his sentence in the country before, eventually, the extradition processes are studied.

Peirano Basso’s lawyer, José Sellanes, For his part, he emphasized that his client is in the country after having been extradited from USA, “and due to the treaty with the United States he cannot be extradited again.”

The former banker is wanted by the Paraguayan justice system accused of million-dollar fraud in the German Bank of that country and in a financial company linked to that entity. His brother, José Peirano Bassowas extradited to Paraguay last May for the same reason.

The bankruptcy of German Bank in Paraguay in 2002 it left well-known politicians, officials and businessmen linked to the then Paraguayan government without funds.

The collapse economic of the Peiranos

Peirano Basso’s history with Justice is long-standing, and also involves his immediate family: he was a member, along with his father, Jorge Peirano Facioand his brothers Jorge, Dante and José, the so-called Velox Group, also known as Peirano Group, who owned the Bank of Montevideo, Velox Bank (Argentina), Banco Alemán (Paraguay) and Trade&Commerce Bank (TCB, Cayman Islands).

In addition, it participated in the supermarket chain Saint Elizabeth in Chili.

The group collapsed with the financial crisis Argentina in 2001, based on a liquidity problem that led to the intervention and liquidation of the different banks by the authorities of each country.

In fact, the Banco de Montevideo was suspended by the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) in July 2002, which precipitated the crisis that generated the loss of 45% of the deposits and 80% of the country’s reserves in that year.

Jorge Peirano Facio, as well as his sons Dante, Jorge and José, were prosecuted with prison in Uruguay in 2002. The father died in prison the following year awaiting trial, while his sons remained imprisoned until 2007, when they were released on parole after the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the OAS condemn the Uruguayan State for the duration of the criminal process.

In 2013, Dante and José Peirano Basso were finally sentenced to nine years in prison for the crime of fraudulent corporate insolvency. His other brother, Jorge, received a six-year prison sentence. But they did not return to prison because they had served more than half of the sentence preventively.

Juan Peirano Basso, meanwhile, fled to USA, where he was arrested in 2006 in Miami after remaining on the run for four years. He was extradited in 2008 to Uruguay, where he was imprisoned for the crime of “fraudulent corporate insolvency” until 2011, when the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) granted him “liberty by grace.”

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