Further mystery about a possible knife attack in Linz

Further mystery about a possible knife attack in Linz
The investigation in St. Margarethen is ongoing.

The alleged victim, a 33-year-old woman from Linz, was unable to express suspicion or provide a personal description of the perpetrator when questioned by the police. The fact is that yesterday around 12.20 p.m. the police reported an assault with a knife in Linz-St. Margarethen was called. The 33-year-old had cuts to her stomach area and thigh. After the police provided first aid, the injured person was taken to the Kepler University Hospital, where the wounds were stitched and the Linzer woman was hospitalized for observation until the next day.

Suspect had alibi

A suspect who was subsequently arrested by the police at another location was released after consultation with the public prosecutor. The 35-year-old from Linz had a perfect alibi for the time of the crime, and a murder weapon could not be found on him. He was targeted by the officers because the victim had reported him several times over the past few weeks for criminal offenses. According to the police, these are not physical attacks but rather verbal statements that could constitute the criminal offense of coercion.

No murder weapon found

The forensic investigation at the crime scene by the State Criminal Police Office did not yield any clues; a murder weapon could not be found despite the involvement of special forces. Even a witness couldn’t shed any light on the matter. Where the woman’s injuries came from remains the subject of investigations.

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