British justice drops charges against environmental activist Greta Thunberg

British justice drops charges against environmental activist Greta Thunberg

In it second and last day of the hearinghe judge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruled that the police officers who accused the 21-year-old Swedish environmental activist of contempt They imposed “illegal” conditionswithout being precise when expressing their instructions.

The conditions were unfair for Greta Thunberg

Judge case manager, John LawI consider that the conditions were “imposed unjustifiably” by the police to the activists at the site of the demonstration. According to the judge’s opinion, other measures “were available and could have been implemented”so, in his opinion, anyone who did not respect those rules imposed by the agents “did not commit a crime.”

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The moment where Greta Thunberg is arrested.

Thursdayon the first day of the hearing, The prosecutor stated that Thunberg disregarded the order not to block the street where a protest against the Energy Intelligence Forum was taking place.in London’s elegant Mayfair district, attended by directors of the main oil and gas companies.

The arrest in October of Greta Thunberg

The Swedish activist “said she was staying where she was and that’s why she was arrested”, the prosecutor, Luke Staton, had pointed out on that first day of the hearing. lan environmental activist had pleaded not guilty in a first appearance in November before another London court for those events that occurred on October 17.

Thunberg, who gained global notoriety with her “school climate strikes”which began when he was 15 years old, he faced a fine of up to 2,500 pounds ($3,172) for the acts of which he was accused.

25 other people, detained in that demonstration in mid-October, along with Greta Thunberg, prosecuted for the same reason, They were also free.

The fight of Greta Thunberg and many other activists

On the first day of the trial, The environmental activist asked to identify the “true enemy” of the environment.

“Environmental activists are prosecuted around the world for acting according to their conscience. We have to remember who the real enemy is,” declared Thunberg.

The NGO Greenpeace welcomed the decision of the British justice

“Today’s verdict (Friday) It is a victory for the freedom to demonstrate. “It is ridiculous that more and more climate activists are being prosecuted for peacefully exercising their right to protest, while companies like Shell are allowed to make billions selling fossil fuels that are destructive to the climate,” Greenpeace said.

In those October demonstrations, activists criticized also that The British government granted numerous new oil and gas exploration permits to strengthen the country’s energy independence, one of the priorities of Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The independent body in charge of advising the government on its climate strategy, expressed concern on Monday about the fact that the country is transmitting “contradictory messages” that tarnish its international influence on the matter.

Greta Thunberg participates in protest actions in defense of the climate

Thursdayafter the end of the first day of the trial, accompanied by activists from the group Extinction Rebellion (XR), was invited to a conference in el London Science Museum and asked his officials about one of his sponsors, Adani, particularly active in the coal sector.

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