The government throws the ball the other way, Orsi reacted to the condemnation of Venezuela

The government throws the ball the other way, Orsi reacted to the condemnation of Venezuela

The pre-candidate for president and current mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandu Orsispoke about Parliament’s condemnation of the opposition’s disqualification from the elections Maria Corina Machado, in Venezuela and assured that the government is “throwing the ball the other way” and that it is a “typical mischief of an electoral campaign.”

Orsi gave his opinion at a press conference regarding the international affairs that occurred this week, among which are the repudiation of the Parliament to the disqualification of the opposition to participate in the elections in Venezuela, such as the visit of the Commander of the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardson.

Regarding the decision of the Parliament, The department head assured that it is necessary to pay attention to the issues of Uruguayans and not what is happening outside. “It makes me a little tired that instead of talking about our issues and what people need, we start talking about Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua. “It doesn’t contribute anything,” he said.

“I would like to focus on the themes of Campaign around the problems of our people, which are why people are going to vote for us or stop voting,” he said.

On the other hand, he questioned the fact that the government sent an ambassador last year to Venezuela, a fact that was not widely covered in the media. “The question that should be asked is, why did they send an ambassador then? If everything was so bad, they sent no less than someone from the National Party there,” commented the candidate regarding the inauguration of the ambassador. Eber Da Rosa in May of last year.

In response to the question about whether the issue of Venezuela It is “the Achilles heel” of the Wide Front – a premise that supports the National Party – the candidate assured that it is quite the opposite. “I think the government’s Achilles heel is when it cannot talk about what is fundamental, for some reason it throws the ball away,” he remarked.

Parliament’s condemnation

Yesterday the ruling party expressed its “emphatic rejection and condemnation” of what happened in Venezuela with María Corina Machado, the Venezuelan opposition leader who was disqualified for the elections that will take place in that country this year.

The motion was presented by the Senator of the National Party, Gloria Rodríguez, and had the support of legislators from the different parties of the Coalition that make up the Permanent Commission, but it was not supported by Broad Front, whose leaders asked that the issue be discussed in the International Affairs Commission.

The text, which he accessed Ambit, bears the signatures of Rodríguez and his PN peers, Jorge Gandini, Alfonso Lereté and Juan Martín Rodríguez, as well as Ivan Posada (Independent Party), Guillermo Domenech (Open Town Hall) and Omar Estevez (Colorado Party).

The note “emphatically rejects and condemns” what happened with Machado and other political leaders, while calling on the Venezuelan government “to unrestricted respect for democratic principles and values,” by demanding compliance with the agreement Barbados.

At the same time, it asks the Venezuelan State “to respect and guarantee the full free exercise of the human rights of its inhabitants,” while for its part “exhorting the Uruguayan state to continue supporting the democratic return to Venezuela and that its people can freely choose their rulers.”

Orsi on Richardson’s visit

The candidate also commented why he did not receive the Commander of the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardsonand assured that he received an invitation to participate in a military reception at the embassy but that he decided not to go because he had commitments.

“I had other activities and you choose to prioritize. “It was a reception which I couldn’t go to because I had other activities, then it took on a different color. I don’t reject it, I think it’s good to talk to everyone, but in this case I didn’t prioritize it,” he commented.

Source: Ambito

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