Robert Silva was confident in winning the internal red race

Robert Silva was confident in winning the internal red race
February 8, 2024 – 19:39

The presidential candidate of the Colorado Party seeks to lead the government coalition during the next period.

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The former president of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) and presidential candidate for the Colorado Party (PC), Robert Silvahe seemed confident in his options to win the internal elections to be held on June 30 of this year.

In an interview with radio Monte Carlo, Silvawho is the favorite to win the Colorado election, according to recent surveys that survey the voting intention of the population, assured that his intention is to lead the coalition during the next government period.

“I am very convinced of our project,” he said and added: “I have had meetings throughout the country, the support we are having for our pre-candidacy is many and I am confident that we are going to win the internal elections to transform the PC and lead the coalition in the next term of government.

On the other hand, the Colorado pre-candidate indicated that, during the current government administration, the Multicolor Coalition managed to “initiate processes of significant changes in the country”, such as the education reform, but also in the field of fiscal and social policies. “That’s why there has to be a new coalition government,” she said.

“This government was encouraged to do what the Frente Amplio did not”

“We are going to leave our hearts on the field to win the internal elections of the PC and then work hard for the coalition and a new five-year period for this group of parties,” which “have been encouraged to do what others have done for 15 years.” years, with waves of international growth, with an economic boom and a parliamentary majority, they did not dare to do anything,” he said. Silva In reference to Broad Front (FA).

Likewise, he defined himself and his team as a “guarantee of transformation, change and courage” and admitted that he does not have a position taken on the potential presidential pre-candidacy of the former vice chancellor, Carolina Achebut he stated that “anyone who wants to come and work for the PC will be welcome.”

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