Senator Da Silva was convinced that the coalition will come to power in Salto

Senator Da Silva was convinced that the coalition will come to power in Salto
February 12, 2024 – 18:44

The nationalist legislator targeted Mayor Andrés Lima, maintaining that he “did not allow himself to be helped” by the national government.

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He Senator of the National Party (PN), Sebastián Da Silvawas convinced that the government coalition will come to power in Leap during the next departmental elections of 2025to thus cut off the succession of mandates of the Broad Front (FA)leading the department since 2015.

In dialogue with Diario El Pueblo, the nationalist legislator said that this department is, perhaps, “where the hand and the style of government reached the least”, due to an absent mayor who has not allowed himself to be helped, in reference to the Salta leader. and presidential candidate for FA, Andrés Lima.

Likewise, Da Silva pointed out that Leap regressed in the last 15 years in economic and productive matters, something that generated a “drastic” change at a social level in the department. “It was another Leaptotally different from what I find today,” he pointed out.

“There is leadership from the departmental level that was not there and that today they have this Leap“, he indicated before adding: “we have to appeal to that Salta pride to move forward, because it is an immensely rich department.” “The exception to Salta’s success is these last 15 years, the rest was always an advanced department for the Montevidean,” he added.

Along these lines, Da Silva pointed out that the government alliance “is going to win” in Leap during the next departmental elections, and that once he does so he must resume the line of the former mayors Eduardo Minuttiof the PN, and of Eduardo Malaquinaof the Colorado Party (PC). “That must be the cultural revolution that we have to reimpose,” he concluded in this regard.

The government coalition is preparing to appear under the same motto in Salto

At the end of last year, representatives of the five parties that make up the informal government coalition registered the slogan Republican Coalition before the Electoral Court.

He PC senator, Adrián Peñaassured then that an agreement to appear under the same motto in Leap. In this department, Lima emerged as the winner of the last elections, since the PC and the PN did not reach an electoral agreement to unify a candidacy. If they had done so, their combined percentages far exceeded what was achieved by the FA.

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