The Italian League is renewed with a salary cap, NBA-style Cup and a request for endorsement of online betting

The Italian League is renewed with a salary cap, NBA-style Cup and a request for endorsement of online betting

The Italian League outlined a plan, with 12 points and 26 pages, that aims to regain its strength in terms of business and guarantee the economic sustainability of its clubs. To do this, it will seek to incorporate a salary cap, hold a Cup in the style NBA and ask the government to lift the veto on sponsorship of online betting.

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Among the measures proposed, according to the site Calcium and Financein the Italian League highlight the possibility of incorporating a salary cap, as is already happening in the Spanish Leagueand adjust the number of professional clubs, but without reducing the number of teams in First Division to 18, as the big ones want (Juventus, Milan, Inter and Rome).

Currently, in Italy there are 100 professional clubs, since this rank is also held by the C Series (Third Division), made up of 60 teams divided into three groups. For the Lega – the manager of professional football – we must “rethink and raise the demands of the teams participating in the professional leagues”, as well as “review the number of promotions and relegations in the different leagues”.

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In this regard, the aforementioned four major teams are committed to reducing the number of clubs in the league to 18. Italian League, alleging – as France did to approve this change – that the “cake” to be shared (with audiovisual revenues) is not big enough for so many “diners.” Furthermore, these teams remember that the increase in European matches after the reform of the Champions League It can greatly strain the schedules and the risk of injury for footballers.

NBA, a model to replicate

On the contrary, the other 16 teams, united in the idea of ​​not reducing places, assure that removing two teams from the highest category would bring a reduction in the value of television, which, to begin with, would have fewer games to offer, among other aspects. . In terms of competitions, the Italian League is also working on the possibility of replicating for the Italian Cup the idea of NBA with its in-season tournament, a modality that divides all NBA teams by conference and in which they all play in a group phase in which only the best classified in each group and the two best runners-up from each conference advance.

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Another topic under discussion in Italy is timeshare: there are businessmen who own a team of the A series and another of the Series B either C Series. Claudio Lotitoowner of the laziohad to sell to Salernitana when he rose to the elite. AND Aurelio De Laurentiis controls at the same time Naples and bari (Series B).

To put an end to this conflict of interest, the Italian Football Federation (Figc) decided that timeshares would be prohibited in 2024, but an appeal by the Neapolitan justice allowed the start of the veto to be extended to 2028-2029. Now, the Italian League proposes supporting this system with some mechanisms that ensure the sustainability of the ‘second teams’ and in favor of young talent.

On the other hand, the Italian League It is committed, as Spanish football is already asking, to separate the referees from the Figc (considering them professionals in legal and contract terms) and demand greater autonomy, both with respect to the Figc and the government. Among their requests are to be able to collect a percentage of the business of the online betting and that the veto on sponsorships linked to the gaming sector be lifted, something in which the country was ahead of Spain by introducing it before the pandemic.

And more recent is the financial hole that it will mean for the Italian League the end of the tax advantages it enjoyed for hiring foreign footballers. This measure also requests that it be eliminated within its new reformulation.

Italian League: Gianetti had his baptism

The 24th date of the Italian League lowered its curtain today in Turin, where Lautaro Gianetti had his scoring baptism in football azzurro. The defender from Vélez scored the winning goal for Udiense 25 minutes into the first half, which gave the surprise and defeated Juventus as a visitor 1-0.

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Gianetti capitalized on a rebound inside the area and sent the ball into the net with a left foot, after a free kick by Lazar Samardzic that Alex Sandro could not clear. In this way, Udinese left the relegation zone, while Juventus lost a great chance to get closer to Inter, leader of the Italian League, and was 7 points away, with one game less for the Milan team.

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