Eduardo Sanguinetti will be the next Minister of Tourism after the controversy

Eduardo Sanguinetti will be the next Minister of Tourism after the controversy
February 21, 2024 – 18:42

The legal advisor of Tabaré Viera and nephew of former president Julio María Sanguinetti will occupy the position after the crossroads in the Colorado Party.

The successor of Tabare Viera in it Ministry of Tourism will be the legal advisor of the portfolio, Eduardo Sanguinetti, after the internal riot unleashed in the Colorado Party (PC) that led to the rejection of the former vice president of UTE, Julio Luis Sanguinetti.

The decision was announced by the former president José María Sanguinetti, uncle of the future minister and father of the leader who rejected the position, in the midst of a dance of names that unleashed controversy in the PC.

“Batllistas has offered Dr. Eduardo Sanguinetti, current advisor to the minister Tabare Viera, which was accepted by the President of the Republic,” stated the statement released by José María Sanguinetti, general secretary of the PC.

Eduardo Sanguinetti is, in addition to legal advisor to Mintur, pro-national secretary of Tourism of the PC. The leader won a race where the deputy was also registered Marne Osorio Lima and the senator German Coutinho.

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Julio Luis Sanguinetti’s refusal after the controversy

Julio Luis Sanguinetti was chosen to replace Viera, but he rejected the position after a strong controversy broke out in the PC, with criticism from the presidential candidate. Gabriel Gurmendez, among other leaders, questioning Sanguinetti Sr.

“Having been a deputy (2000-2005) and vice president of UTE These years, my Colorado Party and Batllistas honor me by offering me the Ministry of Tourism. “I have decided not to accept to work for the victory of the Republican Coalition this year,” he expressed through his X account.

Gurméndez had pointed out that in the PC “power is not transferred from father to son, it is not a family issue,” after which he noted: “I regret this bad decision.”

The leader expressed himself along the same lines Pedro Bordaberry, who considered that it was “a very big mistake, a bad decision” and concluded: “Inexplicable.” That reaction motivated the response of Sanguinetti Jr. himself, who pointed out: “Pedro, are you saying this because of your political flight that left the party in tatters?”

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