The Government appointed Jorge Keczeli as “interim head” of the INCAA: who is it?

The Government appointed Jorge Keczeli as “interim head” of the INCAA: who is it?

He National government appointed industrial engineer Jorge Maximiliano Keczeli as “interim manager in charge” of the National Film Institute (INCAA). The official had had a brief stint of just 9 days as head of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies in the Ministry of Human Capital and currently occupies the role of secretary in the portfolio of Sandra Pettovello.

According to the decree published in the Official Gazette, Keczeli was appointed “on an ad honorem basis” to fulfill functions “such as interim manager by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), non-state public entity within the scope of the culture secretariat of the Ministry of Human Capital”.

“This measure will remain in force while the position of President” of Incaa is vacant.reads the norm signed by the Minister of Human Capital Sandra Pettovello and the president Javier Milei.

The Government appointed the interim president of Incaa: he is an industrial engineer

Keczeli will be “interim responsible” until “vacant positions are filled” and in order to “ensure the continuity and efficiency of minimum services and essential and compliance with the legal obligations of the Institute”.

Furthermore, since the engineer will work “ad honorem”the decree emphasizes that “this measure does not generate additional budgetary expenditure to the National State.”

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Who is Jorge Maximiliano Keczeli, the new interim president of the INCAA

Engineer by profession, Keczeli He came to government in January and in a few days he held different roles in the State. First, on the second day of the year he was appointed by the decree 21/2024 as president of National Council for the Coordination of Social Policiesan agency acting within the scope of the Ministry of Human Capital.

However, his time in the organization was fleeting since on January 11, Just 9 days after being appointed, he submitted his resignationwhich was quickly published in the Official Gazette.

Inside of the decree 68/2024 in which his departure was accepted, the resignation of Juan Facundo Etchenique as Secretary of Legal and Administrative Coordination of the Ministry of Human Capital and, immediately afterwards, just a few lines below, he himself was appointed Keczeli as his replacement in the secretariat.

Now, through decree 166/2024, Keczeli He was appointed as interim and “ad honorem” president of Incaa, while he will continue to fulfill his role as head of the Secretariat of the portfolio led by Sandra Pettovello.

Keczeli defines himself on the Linkedin network as “leader and advisor experienced in digital transformation, I specialize in directing and advising on projects information technology in the public sector, with emphasis on big data and AI” (Artificial Intelligence).

In the immediate future, the INCAA requires the signature of an official to make current payments to the institute and to transfer funds already granted by the Institute to film producers, suppliers and for festivals.

The search for the future president of INCAA continues

Meanwhile, the dance of names continues to succeed Nicolas Battle at the head of the framework body of national cinema. As indicated by the group United Argentine Cinemain a meeting they held with the Undersecretary of Cultural Management and Development of the Ministry of Culture, Ignacio Lupi, the name of the economist emerged Carlos Pirovano to direct the Inca.

However, from the portfolio they told Télam that the Pirovano It is one of the names that are being consideredalthough at the moment it is not firm or official.

Graduate in economics, Pirovano has experience within the public service in the City Governmentas well as consultancies and academic positions. He has no known background in the audiovisual industry.

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