The Central Railway work has an extra cost of US$300M, Falero warned

The Central Railway work has an extra cost of US$300M, Falero warned

He Minister of Transportation and Public Works, José Luis Falero, assured that the work of Central Railway will have an extra cost of 300 million dollars and pointed to the “lack of foresight” of the Wide Frontwhen appearing before the Permanent Commission of the Parliament.

Falero questioned the “improvisation” of the FA government and said that this caused the work to be delayed and have “a 30% extra cost.” Furthermore, he pointed to the Municipality of Montevideo, commanded by Carolina Cosse, for not approving the freedom of execution of work.

The leader considered that the contract “suffered multiple modifications,” stating that “250 expropriations and there were 1,029, as well as the affected services, which “were 10% more,” thus questioning “the original improvisation.”

“All of this led to the work estimated at 959 million dollars costing the Uruguayan people 30% more. Because a series of situations happened that were not foreseen, a rushed contract and an unfinished project with little detail,” Falero stated at a press conference during an intermission room of the exhibition at the Parliament, estimating the total cost at $1.25 billion.

Embed – Permanent Commission Session | 02/21/2024 | Eastern Republic of Uruguay | Citation No. 7

Falero questioned Cosse’s role

On the other hand, the minister referred to the delays in the work and criticized “the non-approval of some departmental governments to have freedom of execution of work.”

In that sense, he pointed out that “there were 42 level crossings in Montevideo that we had to resolve 1 to 1 with the departmental government,” pointing, without naming, to the mayor Carolina Cosse. “This generated longer work time, higher costs and an unforeseen investment that affects the economic team,” he stated. Falero.

A delayed exhibition

Falero’s citation in the Parliament It was scheduled at 10, after being called by leaders from across the political spectrum. However, as four legislators were absent from the Coalition, there were three of Wide Front who stood up and there was no quorum to begin the session.

However, after crossed criticism between the ruling party and the opposition, the negotiations between the different blocks led to the call taking place in the afternoon, since a minimum of five hours had to pass to resume the appointment, where the details of the meeting were realized. the works planned by the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP).

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