Mario Bergara insists on his pre-candidacy in an internal election of increasing polarization

Mario Bergara insists on his pre-candidacy in an internal election of increasing polarization

The candidate assured that the Progressive Seregnista Call did not break despite the fact that some spaces decided to support Orsi.

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The senator and presidential candidate Uruguay for him Frente Amplio, Mario Bergara, assured that the space Progressive Seregnista Call was not broken, and that the decision of some sectors to support the pre-candidacy of Yamandu Orsi responds to a “tactical distance strictly associated with the internal election”, in a scenario of “increasing Polarization”

“There is no break because we were in a process where, in general, the Call sectors did their evaluation process and ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Platform’ “They made that decision, but the others basically ratified their support for the candidacy,” Bergara expressed in an interview with Radio Sarandí, realizing that although there are differences within the political sector that makes up the Broad Front, They did not generate fractures.

“Everyone reaffirmed the need and validity of continuing as a Seregnista Convocation, and this is a tactical distance strictly associated with the internal choice of the Broad Front, so in no way do I consider it a break,” he emphasized.

The senator’s candidacy, for the moment, remains, even with important allies deciding to openly support other party candidates; and despite the fact that the polls are not at all favorable, with results well below those obtained in the 2021 elections, where they were third with 18% of the votes and today they would be reaching, with luck, 8% .

“We continue to think that the pre-candidacy contributes to the central objective, which is that the Wide Front win again, because it reflects in the political-electoral field the diversity of political-ideological perspectives that there is in the Front, and that diversity is necessary to reach the largest number of people possible,” explained Bergara.

In any case, he clarified that he is aware that “there is a panorama that the surveys of a increasing polarization of the candidacies of cosse and Orsi.” “We are aware of this, and although the polarizations for the Front were never positive, to the extent that this internal polarization deepens, it obviously harms the other pre-candidacies,” he added.

The opinion of “Platform”

Also in dialogue with Radio Sarandí, Alvaro Garcia He referred to the decision made by his sector “Platform” regarding withdrawing support for Bergara’s pre-candidacy. “We had an assembly on March 9 and we practically unanimously resolved to offer Convocatoria Seregnisita to withdraw Bergara’s candidacy and support Yamandu Orsi for a strategic agreement,” explained the leader who is also emerging as a pre-candidate for the Montevideo Municipality for 2025.

“Some partners proposed that it was necessary to have their own pre-candidacy to strengthen the sector, others understood that in the end it was not so necessary,” said García, adding that “today we are in a situation in which the scenario is between Orsi and Cosse and another pre-candidacy. does not contribute”.

“We understand that it would have been better for the sector to make a joint decision,” he said.

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