Uruguay and the Czech Republic signed an agreement on green fuels and energies

Uruguay and the Czech Republic signed an agreement on green fuels and energies

Czech Republic and Uruguay signed an agreement with the objective of working together in the renewable energy and green fuels, both Ministers of Industry agreed and ratified the interest in increasing commercial exchange and promoting their ties.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Elisa Facioand the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Jozef Sikelasigned a bilateral collaboration agreement, which was developed at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM).

The Czech delegation that accompanied Minister Sikela participated in the event, which was made up of the ambassador of the Czech Republic for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, ubomir Hladík, the economic advisor of the Embassy, ​​Radek Hovorka, and other authorities of the Government of Czech Republic.

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The Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic, Jozef Sikela and the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Elisa Facio.


The keys to the agreement

According to the statement the MIEM, This agreement has the objective of strengthening the “economic development and the historical ties of cooperation between both countries.” In the signed document, they ratified “the interest in increasing commercial exchange and promoting links in the areas of new technologies and related services.”

On the other hand, the agreement includes the strengthening of cooperation “in the field of investment and joint ventures” and in the energy sector“with emphasis on renewable energies, green hydrogen and its derivatives, electric mobility and energy efficiency.”

In addition, exchange is planned in other sectors such as mining, telecommunications, industry 4.0, information technologies. information and communication (ICT)innovation and artificial intelligence, among others.

The intentions to advance and emphasize the development and productivity of the Czech Republic and Uruguay were also presented. “The declaration plans to advance joint work to exchange good practices, technological knowledge, incorporation of innovation and applied research and development of technological capabilities in the industry of both countries,” according to the publication of the MIEM.

Meanwhile, the intention is included to “identify projects and topics of common interest and to promote links between government entities and the private sector of both countries” to achieve these objectives.

What is Uruguay’s relationship with the Czech Republic?

This country is one of the 27 that belongs to the European Union, which signed an agreement for the promotion and protection of investment and a trade agreement with Uruguay in the 1990s. However, this exchange in this area is not yet important, since the two countries share complementary economies, although they agree that there is an opportunity in the field of digital technologies.

The European country supplies Uruguay with defense material necessary in peace missions, while in 2020 it obtained a permit to export biomass and hemp flowers to the Czech Republic.

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