Florida’s recovery will cost more than $7 million

Florida’s recovery will cost more than $7 million

Authorities of the Florida Mayor’s Office and of Emergency Coordination Center department analyzed the impact of last week’s squall, which will require approximately 7 million dollars. The main objective of these hours is to attend to the return to the homes of the dozens of people who are still evacuated and the recovery of seriously affected homes and roads.

consulted by Ambit on how these tasks will be financed, the mayor Guillermo Lopez reported that next week there will be several instances of work with the national government, specifically with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Office of Planning and Budget (OPP), and possibly international organizations that can provide funds for the task. “Now the priority is the return of people to their homes,” said López.

Florida recovery tasks after the storm

Photo: Florida Mayor’s Office

Currently, about 130 people are evacuated throughout the department of Florida. For two days, 8 points were enabled to receive drinking water and three mobile polyclinics have been deployed along with three care points, including the Departmental Emergency Coordination Center (CECOED), it was reported by the Municipality. In addition, 780 mattresses and numerous cleaning kits have been distributed to evacuated families.

Among the economic support measures for the victims, the climate emergency bonus which, with a total budget of 2 million pesos, allows each family group to receive support to purchase food and cleaning supplies in local businesses, in coordination with the departmental business chamber. On the other hand, support was announced for small and medium-sized businesses with flood damage from BROU and WALK.

Mayor López informed Ámbito that the request for tax exemption for the 600 affected registers was also sent to the Departmental Board and the signing of an agreement with Ministry of Housing for the improvement of affected building infrastructures.

Source: Ambito

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