FIFA could intervene the Spanish Football Federation at the request of Pedro Sánchez’s government

FIFA could intervene the Spanish Football Federation at the request of Pedro Sánchez’s government

The FIFA could take control of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) given the internal problems that the entity is going through. The top manager of world football would act at the request of the Spanish government, through the Higher Sports Council (CSD)who went to the organization he presides Gianni Infantino to “go hand in hand in the decisions that have to be made.”

This is how the president of the CSD expressed himself, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribesgiven the government’s concern about the internal situation of the RFEF. “Whatever we do or stop doing, we want it to be hand in hand with FIFA, coordinated, to provide constructive solutions,” said Uribes.

Government of Spain asks FIFA for help

The conversations between the CSD and FIFA come just six days after the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard carried out an operation for crimes of corruption and money laundering that includes searches at the RFEF headquarters in Madrid and also in the house in Granada of its former president, Luis Rubiales, for alleged irregularities in contracts.

In addition, the CSD transferred to the Sports Administrative Court the request to remove Pedro Rocha as head of the presidency of the governing body of football in Spain. The reasons include the call for elections for the presidency of the RfFEF and it is alleged that the assumption of functions by Rocha does not correspond to a president of a management commission.

All this led Uribes to contact FIFA to convey his concern about the situation of the federation and show his willingness to collaborate with the body chaired by and act hand in hand.

After the search of the federation headquarters, the elections for the presidency were paralyzed. The manager chaired by Pedro Rocha was called last Wednesday afternoon to proceed with the electoral call, but, after the registration of the UCO, the meeting was postponed pending finding a definitive date.


Spanish football is going through difficult times. At the request of the Government itself, the RFEF could be intervened by FIFA.


In that sense, The RFEF must hold elections to definitively end Rubiales’ mandatewhich, along with the federation, is accused of corruption, money laundering and irregularities in contracts.

On his way to the presidency, on March 18, Pedro Rocha announced that he will not continue to lead the Federation, an entity that he has presided over since 2013, by not presenting himself as a candidate for re-election for the period 2024-2028. This was the first step of the now president of the Management Commission of the RFEF to have the possibility of presenting himself as a candidate for the presidency of the federative entity.

Candidacy reaffirmed

Furthermore, the president of the CSD, Rodríguez Uribes, who stated that he spoke with the general secretary of FIFA, reaffirmed the strengths of the candidacy and of Spain for the organization of the 2030 World Cup.

Asked directly in case you see endanger the organization of the 2030 World Cupthe president of the CSD stated that “absolutely” and added that they have spoken about it with FIFA, which “is aware that Spain led the candidacy”, when he was Minister of Sports, “first with Portugal and then with Morocco.”

“This country is extraordinary from the point of view of football tradition and, with the enthusiasm that exists in all the cities for the World Cup, there is no risk. We are going to defend the candidacy with all our strength“added Uribes.

The CSD raised the Sports Administrative Court (TAD) the request for disqualification following the complaint by Miguel Ángel Galán, president of the National Center of Soccer Coaches (CENAFE), against Rocha and the rest of the members of the Management Commission.

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