Peuerbachers celebrate with Italian friends

Peuerbachers celebrate with Italian friends
Malo’s mayor Moreno Marsetti with Peuerbach’s city manager Roland Schauer from the citizens’ list

Since 1997, the city of Peuerbach has had a partnership with the Italian city of Malo in the province of Vicenza, around 600 kilometers away. The 25th anniversary celebration in 2022 fell victim to Corona, but the celebration was finally held in Malo in autumn 2023. And next weekend a return visit of a 50-person group from Malo led by Mayor Moreno Marsetti will take place in Peuerbach.

The reception and festive evening with the Peuerbach Music Association and the Peuerbach Liedertafel take place in the Melodium Cultural Center. Since it is the first visit to Peuerbach for many participants, the guests receive a city tour with all the important sights and facilities. A visit to the Lions Club’s “Wine Encounter” is also on the program.

From April 8th, a group of students from Peuerbach will spend a week in the Italian city. Cyclists from both cities will go on a cycling trip in Croatia at the end of April.

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